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15 Dark Souls III Trivia Questions to Challenge Any Souls Fan


15 Dark Souls III Trivia Questions to Challenge Any Souls Fan

Risk losing your souls and test your knowledge with our trivia.

Dark Souls III is great. Dark Souls III is the best in the series. The combat of Dark Souls III is smooth yadda yadda yah.

Think you know everything about the final entry in the Souls series? Then risk losing your souls and test your knowledge with our Dark Souls III trivia quiz.


Bloodborne might be better tho.


Cue the memes:

Praise the Sun. Prepare to Die. YOU DIED. Boss Soul Acquired! Ashen One.

Person に item を あげる:

さしあげる(To superiors)

あげる(To equals)

あげる・やる(To inferiors)


Receive: もらう

Person に(から) item をもらう

いただく(To superiors)

もらう(To equals)

もらう(To inferiors)


Give: くれる

Person が (わたしに/ in-group member に) item をくれる




Verbます-ます+やすい・にくい(adjectival phrase)





You want to quote the interview subject’s (White) response to the question put to him as to whether media academics “preach mistrust of the mainstream media” to their students. A transcript of the relevant response is provided below. Using that transcript write a paragraph or two for insertion in a feature-style article where you cover his response.


White: I personally, I would would be reluctant t’ to use the term “distrust” – I mean it sort of suggests a sort of y’know an established predetermined attitude y’know of negativity. umm I think, I would certainly, of course I would not deny for one minute that many media academics are critical umm of media practice and umm y’know the way that coverage is formulated, so certainly they’re they’re critical – umm and that that there’s no doubt that that’s quite widespread – umm so, I certainly I don’t know, I haven’t experienced – you used the term “preaching”- I guess that that sort of almost suggests a sort of propagandistic you know predisposition, an unconsidered predisposition – I I haven’t observed that myself. umm I certainly, I myself have, there would be times when I’m when I’m critical of certain articles or certain coverage or certain y’know TV programs, umm but I would hope tjat y’know that I’m even handed and that my criticisms are based on y’know valid principles umm that I make transparent t’ to students. I mean I’d hope y’know that we y’know are even handed and that we make it clear what are the principles by which we we might we might critique the media.












4. Outline the grounds on which published material might be found to be defamatory

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