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Top 10 Hardest to Get Video Game Collector’s Editions

Collector's Edition The Last of Us

Top 10 Hardest to Get Video Game Collector’s Editions

You can still get them, but it’ll cost you.

Video game collector’s editions have grown in popularity since last generation, and it really isn’t too hard to see why. They embody the pinnacle of devotion to a game franchise, one of the highest levels of respect any fan can have for a series he or she loves dearly. With some collector’s editions costing hundreds of dollars just at retail and limited in production from the get-go, it’s quite an impressive feat to obtain any one of these specially designed packages, especially with the ubiquitous presence of scalpers online.

Though it’s unfortunate that a lot of these collector’s editions come and go so fast, the magic of the internet – especially eBay and Amazon – can help you regain what you so depressingly missed out on in the past. Indeed, a lot of glorious collector’s items, including those that are many years old now, can be found online, and some for cheaper than you might think. The Batman: Arkham Asylum collector’s edition, for instance, which included a cool replica of the caped crusader’s in-game batarang in a uniquely manufactured case, sells on Amazon for $137.00 on PlayStation 3 and $89.95 for Xbox 360, each in new condition. Collector’s editions for games regarded as cult classics, even, don’t sell for too high, as Grand Theft Auto V’s on PlayStation 4 goes for $217.98.

But, of course, there are some super pricey collector’s editions out there. From Fallout 3 to Star Ocean 5 to Uncharted 2, the following list compiles those that you can still buy, but will probably cost you an arm and a leg if you do. Keep in mind that the longer they stay out on the market and the more they age, the higher in price they may go, making buying them now a better choice than buying them later. Though this goes without saying, please try to use discretion out there.

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