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Can You Guess Which of These Terribly Reviewed Games Scored Worse?

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Can You Guess Which of These Terribly Reviewed Games Scored Worse?

Do you know your bad from the downright awful?

Every year, gamers are treated to a bunch of new titles. While some will stay in our systems for months and provide us with hours of entertainment, others we are warned to avoid like the plague. We therefore decided it’d be a fun game to see if you can guess which of these games was critically reviewed worse. No cheating!

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 released last year and dashed the dreams of many hoping to relive their childhood. Fighter Within, on the other hand, was an Xbox One Kinect game aiming to showcase the new tech… it didn’t go too well.

Despite bitterly disappointing fans, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 was actually the better of these two games with a score of 35.5 across all platforms. The Xbox One exclusive, Fighter Within, scored a poor 23, with its awful motion controls to blame for the most part.

Between its “You’re Winner” screen, blocky visuals, and boring gameplay, Big Rigs doesn’t have a lot going for it. Therefore, it only seems fair that we put it up against one of last gen’s worst titles, Ride to Hell: Retribution. Place your bets!

If you didn’t think it could get much worse than Ride to Hell, it turns out it can. Despite Road to Hell’s low average Metacritic score of 16 across all platforms, Big Rigs takes the crown with a dismal score of 8. You’re Not Winner this time, Big Rigs.

Some games, no matter their potential can have a bit of development hell and it leads to an undercooked and poor experience. Homefront: The Revolution and Duke Nukem Forever were both examples of this, so it only seems fair to pit them against one another.

Duke Nukem Forever is saved by the skin of its teeth, with its score of 51.3 being just one point above that of Homefront at 50.3. Despite Duke Nukem Forever feeling like a cobbled together FPS in almost every aspect, Homefront: The Revolution’s combination of technical issues and bland gameplay saw it take this unwanted crown.

Aliens: Colonial Marines didn’t exactly have an ideal launch. Considering the final game didn’t match up with the ‘in-game footage’ shown in trailers, the end result was a bit of a surprise. Charlie’s Angels on the other hand, was simply plagued with problems. Difficulty in controls, a poor camera, the list goes on.

You thought Colonial Marines was bad? You clearly didn’t have to deal with the uninspired controls and mind of its own camera in Charlie’s Angels. Charlie’s Angels’ 23 makes even Colonial Marines look good with its score of 45.

It’s fair to say that Sonic hasn’t been all that well represented over recent years. The 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog game in many cases summarizes the problem the series has had since. Awkward controls, terrible voice acting and a dodgy camera. Sonic Boom, on the other hand, came to offers a fresh take on the series, but found itself falling down the same pitfalls as its predecessor.

And it was the successor to the poor 2006 effort that was the worse game of the two. With a score of 32, Sonic Boom was slated as a bland concept, and possibly the worst Sonic game to have released. Sonic the Hedgehog didn’t do much better in 2006, either, with many claiming that the game felt a far cry from the expertly designed titles from the series past. It got a 44.5 average score.

There was a time when games were a little more risque, and as such you got games like Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust and BMX XXX releasing. Leisure Suit Larry aimed to bring smutty humor to players’ consoles and failed miserably, while BMX XXX aimed to combine bike tricks with scantily-clad women.

Leisure Suit Larry takes away the award for worst smutty game between these two. The game received an average Metacritic core of 26 across all platforms. Surprisingly, BMX XXX didn’t review as poorly as you may have thought, with the game averaging out at 57 across all platform scores.

Resident Evil is another series that has been somewhat struggling in recent years, and the spin-offs have definitely been a weak point. Umbrella Corps and Operation Raccoon City both put players in a team of tactical agents as they fought there way through the zombie horde. Unfortunately, movement and gameplay were heavy and unintuitive.

Rather than fixing the problem that its predecessor brought to the table, Umbrella Corps managed to make  for a worse experience. With a lack of content and clumsy controls just two of the complains from critics, the game scored a 36.5 average on Metacritic in comparison to Operation Raccoon City’s 50.6.

When done right, zombie games can be a thrilling and intense experience. Unfortunately both The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and 7 Days to Die failed to deliver any satisfaction in their undead-filled worlds.

Survival Instinct was definitely not the game fans of the TV show were hoping for when they saw Merle and Daryl as the main characters. Despite assuming the role of the crossbow-wielding badass, Survival Instinct featured boring gameplay and incredibly muddied, bland visuals. It scored an average score of 34 vs. 7 Days to Die’s 40.

What more of a face-off could you ask for than the one-man army that is Rambo, and the enormous Godzilla. Unfortunately, both games featured clunky gameplay and horrible visuals, leaving fans massively disappointed.

While both games suffered many of the same flaws, Rambo came out looking far worse because of its ridiculous difficulty spikes and overly repetitive gameplay. It scored 28, 10 points behind the poor PS4 title, Godzilla.

Rounding off our list is a battle of the kids games! Power Rangers Megaforce came to 3DS, but offered little challenge for players and was completely broken in places. Hannah Montana: The Movie was supposed to allow players to relive their moments from the smash hit movie from 2009. Instead, it didn’t use any of the core concepts that modern rhythm and music games had adopted and had pretty awful visuals to boot.

Hannah Montana smacks down the Power Rangers to take the crown of the worst kids game. It was a close one though, with Hannah Montana sitting on a score of 25, against Power Rangers Megaforce’s 30.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 (35.5 avg) vs. Fighter Within (23)

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (8) vs. Ride to Hell: Retribution (16 avg)

Homefront: The Revolution (50.3 avg) vs. Duke Nukem Forever (51.3 avg)

Aliens: Colonial Marines (45 avg) vs. Charlie’s Angels (23)

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (32) vs. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (44.5 avg)

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (20.6 avg) vs. BMX XXX (57 avg)

Umbrella Corps (36.5 avg) vs. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (50.6 avg)

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (34 avg) vs. 7 Days to Die (40 avg)

Rambo: The Video Game (28) vs. Godzilla (38)

Power Rangers Megaforce (30) vs Hannah Montana: The Movie (25)

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