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Can You Guess Which Game Critically Scored Higher?

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Can You Guess Which Game Critically Scored Higher?

Which do you think is better?

As video game fans, we all like to think that we have the eye for good games. We know exactly what we like and can even recommend something good to our friends. But sometimes review scores don’t always match what we think, so let’s play a game. We’re going to pit two games against one another and you’re going to decide (without cheating) which has the higher Metacritic score.

Scores for games with platforms next to them are determined based on reviews solely for that platform. Multiplatform games will have the average of all scores for each platform if they have varied scores.

Arguably the two best games in the series, which do you think is sitting pretty at the top of Metacritic?

While Uncharted 4 brought along plenty of beauty and a deeper story, it’s just hard to combat the spectacle that is the second game in the series.

Bungie’s new IP and a brand new Call of Duty go head to head in the battle of new, current gen shooters.

Ghosts edged out Destiny (76) with a score of 78.

Red and blue are at each other’s throats again, but there can’t possibly be a winner, right?

This is most likely some sort of statistical blip. Perhaps more people reviewed the Omega Ruby version of the game or something along those lines. But, as it stands right now, Omega Ruby is sitting with an 83 on Metacritic while Alpha Sapphire hovers at an 82.

Two narrative heavy games on current gen face-off to see who reigns supreme in the story-telling arena.

While Quantic Dreams seems to have been suffering lately with its releases, Heavy Rain still remains one of the studio’s crown jewels with its PS4 Metacritic score of 78. Quantum Break is only slightly behind with a score of 77.

The best of the best in Nintendo brawling.

Both games are so good that critics just couldn’t pick a favorite. The Metacritic score for both the recent Wii U release as well as Melee sit at a highly respectable 92.

It can be easy to overlook classic shooters, but they helped shape some of the gaming scene today. We pit Far Cry’s island warfare against Deus Ex’s augmented approach.

Deus Ex uses its score augmentation to just edge out the wild nature of Far Cry by a single point. Deus Ex sits at a fairly high score of 89 on Metacritic.

The golden child of console FPSs and it’s younger sibling are often thought of as the premier classic shooters when it comes to playing somewhere other than a PC.

Rare must have learned a lot when they developed Goldeneye 007 because they managed to trump the beloved N64 title with their next shooter. While Bond is sitting at a 96, Dark is lounging somewhere with a 97 on Metacritic.

Stardew Valley was clearly inspired by Harvest Moon, so it makes one wonder which holds up the best.

This is probably not surprising to anyone who has actually played Stardew Valley. While Harvest Moon 64 was indeed fun, this latest PC title builds on it in many ways providing a whole city and underground area to interact with along with combat, business, and more. It sits a whole ten points higher than its competitor with a score of 88.


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