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Everything You Might Have Missed in the Super Mario Odyssey Trailer


Everything You Might Have Missed in the Super Mario Odyssey Trailer

Brave new world.

New Donk City Super Mario Odyssey

The Mario city is full of wonderful places that are meant to capture our imagination like the Mushroom Kingdom, Moleville, and Dire Dire Docks. New Donk City is not a name that instantly inspires whimsy and while it’s clearly a nod to Mario’s famed adversary Donkey Kong, it’s a little too on the nose.

DK Family Super Mario Odyssey

One of the easter eggs hidden is just before Mario jump out from the sewer, as viewers can see a”Dixie St.” sigh and “Diddy’s Mart” neon sign in the back left. Now this could just be an homage or perhaps a hint as to the Kong family having a bigger picture this time around.

Taxi Jump Super Mario Odyssey

This isn’t an easter egg or important mechanic, we just wanted to point out that Mario literally crushes the front of this taxi’s hood when he jumps on it. Not cool Mario, not cool.

Skyscraper Jump Super Mario Odyssey

So this was a bit puzzling because Nintendo has take fall damage in their video games rather seriously so watching Mario vault off a skyscraper may offer some insight into core mechanics. It’s possible that fall damage has been removed this time around or perhaps the sentient hat acts like a parachute if you jump from a high ledge.

Desert Town Super Mario Odyssey

What’s interesting about this and the rest of the other areas explored is that they feel very different than the main city. The appears to be far more open than any previous Mario title, which makes one wonder if they are more than simple go from point A to B like other games in this series.

Food World Super Mario Odyssey

Speaking of wacky and different, the world made completely of food is certainly different, especially since it seems the NPC fork people are passive to Mario. This could indicate that every location is going to have its own culture and people who you can interact with.

Mario Enemies! Super Mario Odyssey

One of the most interesting aspects about getting new Mario titles is which classic enemies will make an appearance and to what degree. It’s clear characters like the Hammer Bros. are back, but whether we will see them invading the more grounded New Donk City has yet to be shown. Let’s just hope the Goombas don’t take inspiration from the Super Mario Bros. movie which was also set in a grounded version of New York (Donk) City.

Mario’s Ship Super Mario Odyssey

Given that most Mario titles have some sort of gimmick, this time around it appears as if hats are the main focus. Not only does Mario sport a sentient hat, but his entire flying machine is designed to look like one.

NPC Size

There’s no getting around how awkward and weird it looks to have Mario, who until this point was considered a normal human, turn out to be the size of a 10-year old. Sure, it’s cool to see other non-Mushroom head citizens, but this just gives us so many more questions than answers.

Dancing Mario

While this isn’t anything really special, we love the idea of Mario just breaking it down in the middle of a dark and probably super dangerous forest regardless.

Bowser’s New Look

Given all the ridiculous things Bowser has either become or had to deal with throughout the Mario series, this is the first time in ages he’s felt threatening. Not only is he stealing Peach to get married, but he is looking incredibly dapper while doing it. Fun fact: Bowser tried to marry Peach before in the Super Maro Bros. Adventure comic. 

New Hat

So the whole idea of Mario using his hat as an extra platform is actually quite intriguing as it could lead to some truly fun platforming sections. It does make us wonder though if his normal power-ups will be present or if they’re only going to be hat focused.

His Mount

Another rather new idea is that Mario is able to ride an animal in the desert world, which could mean that there are different creatures he can use in each section. Given Mario is usually relegated to Yoshi or Koopa Shells, this could offer a faster means of exploring the world.

Day/Night Cycles

If you didn’t get a chance to catch it, some of the night time shots quickly shown were of that same desert town just as night. This pretty much confirms that this Mario title, or at least some levels, will feature a day to night cycle that could effect how you go about completeing missions or gathering whatever weird, arbitrary mystical item needed this time around.

There’s no doubt that these will be the mini-bosses of each level, as they feel like odd stand-ins for the Koopa Kids from previous entries. Only four are shown and one of them is actually seen fighting Mario in a tiny arena above the forest level. While there is very little known about them, we can only hope that they’re fleshed out in terms of story.

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