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Incredible Borderlands Cosplay That Even A Psycho Could Love


Incredible Borderlands Cosplay That Even A Psycho Could Love

Welcome to Pandora, kiddos.

Borderlands 3 is slated to release this April so what better way to celebrate than to take a look at some of the incredible cosplays that the first games have already inspired. Cosplayers from all across the world have created the most handsome Handsome Jacks there are, some truly badass psychos, sexy Mad Moxxi cosplays and some life-sized Claptraps that aren’t nearly as annoying as the talkative bot in the game.

Borderlands cosplays are always fun as it requires many cosplayers to not only create similar hairstyles and outfits, but it also encourages many of them to find ways to create the illusion that they have been ripped out of some sort of comic book. Borderlands unique art style is exactly what makes most of its cosplayers stand out and its quirky cast of characters mean there are tons of great looks to recreate.

Psycho Krieg

Borderlands Cosplay by LeonChiroCosplayArt

Lilith, Gaige and Maya

Borderlands Cosplay by Mimi, SchokoSora and MaryLuckBiz


Borderlands Cosplay by DeAnna Davis


Cosplay by DeAnna Davis


Cosplay by WindoftheStars

Lilith and Maya

Cosplay by WindoftheStars and daydreamernessa

Mad Moxxi

Cosplay by Katy Angel

Roland and Lilith

Cosplay by Nebulaluben


Cosplay by atomic-cocktail

Handsome Jack

Cosplay by Firefly Path

Handsome Jack (The Pre-Sequel)

Cosplay by Guzzardi


Cosplay by DeAnna Davis

Mad Moxxi

Cosplay by Jessica Nigri


Cosplay by Nebulaluben

Zer0 (outside)

Cosplay by Piperonni

Zer0, Handsome Jack and Claptrap

Cosplay by Guzzardi

Gaige (sitting outside)

Cosplay by Katana Eri


Cosplay by ico-art


Cosplay by ico-art

Mad Moxxi (with megaphone)

Cosplay by Enasni-V

Janey Springs and Athena

Cosplay by leila1000 and VAlentina Rotondi

Janey Springs

Cosplay by Ko-shi-patrick



Cosplay by SKSProps

Freezing Psycho

Cosplay by Kotowaru

Gaige (sitting, graffiti)

Cosplay by kittyjedrys

Mechanic Moxxi

Cosplay by Ensani-V

Tiny Tina

Cosplay by xXxEleanorxXx


Cosplay by Harusame-chan

Handsome Jack

Cosplay by Mary & Feinobi Cosplay




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