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BlizzCon 2016 Had a Real-Life Darkmoon Faire, Take a Look

blizzcon darkmoon faire

BlizzCon 2016 Had a Real-Life Darkmoon Faire, Take a Look

All the lights, music, and glowing eyes of World of Warcraft’s mystical event.

The Darkmoon Faire was back at this year’s BlizzCon. Check out all the attractions of the 2016 Faire, complete with face painting, pin trading, and pet adoption.

Ignore the darkened, eerie woods, ignore the eyes that blink and stare. Do not stop! You’re nearly there! Behold, my friend: The Darkmoon Faire!

The Darkmoon Faire returned to BlizzCon this year, bringing with it all the music, fun, and purple you’d expect of the World of Warcraft event. Want to see what was inside?
The first room of the Faire was all about books and crafts. Recently published Blizzard pages were set up in the back, along with the talents that worked on them.

Up front were stations for temporary tattoos and face painting.

After getting paint on your face, you could head towards the green screens in the back and get inserted into a Blizzard cinematic.

But remember, no amount of green screen or gifs will amount to this cosplay.

Over the second Darkmoon Faire room was twice the number of tents and lights.

Attendees could trade pins over by the wooden benches.

The Capsule Toy Depot lets you insert coins into gnomish machines and win a small prize in return.

The Pet Adoption booth was busy matching BlizzCon-ers with their perfect plush.

Nearby a trough of unsold plush sit, never to be adopted.

And last but not least, this Gnomish mailbox. It was a fine mailbox, indeed.

That’s it for this year’s Darkmoon Faire. Hopefully you got to attend and wrack up some achievements. If not, never fear. The Darkmoon Faire always returns.

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