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15 Best Survival Games of All Time


15 Best Survival Games of All Time

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Sir, You Are Being Hunted Best Survival Games

If you are tired of fighting off terrifying zombies or giant dinosaurs, why not enjoy being tracked by people with more gentlemanly qualities. Not only does Sir, You Are Being hunted have some truly humorous situations, but this survival game is also quite challenging. Trying to out run robotic hunting dogs while you search for a way off of this island can be truly exhilarating.

The Forest Best Survival Games

After a gruesome plane crash, the player takes control of one of the last two survivors who is stranded on a deserted island full of enraged mutants. This survival horror game mixes various elements from different genres and then ratchets up the difficulty. If you are seeking a challenge then consider grabbing The Forest, just avoid the caves – trust us.

Subnautica Best Survival Games

For something a bit more tranquil, Subnautica has players trying to survive under the sea by gathering resources, food, and maintain their oxygen levels. Just be wary, however, as you could easily end up being the next meal for a terrifying oceanic creature.

State of Decay Best Survival Games

State of Decay is an Xbox exclusive title that tasks players with not only surviving the zombie apocalypse, but managing a base full of strangers. Unlike other zombie titles, Stae of Decays undead are exceptionally challenging and in most cases, it’s just better to run rather than try and fight them. This helps lend the game a sense of realism, in which every choice you make truly matters.

Minecraft Best Survival Games

Undoubtedly the most popular game of the modern era, Minecraft tasks players with harvesting resources from the earth, building elaborate structures, and surviving the night’s terror. It’s simplistic in the core design, but the sheer level of freedom offered to the players is second to none.

Don’t Starve Best Survival Games

Don’t let the charming pop up book style art fool you, Don’t Starve is a rather brutal survival game. While it features the normal crafting, monster fighting, and scavaging, the top-down perspective allows it to feel fresh in a genre that’s traditionally first person.

7 Days to Die Best Survival Games

This zombie survival game tasks players with constructing a base that is besieged by hordes of the undead. While this is nothing new, the inclusion of split screen co-op makes 7 Days to Die a riot to play with friends.

The Long Dark Best Survival Games

If you’re looking for something a bit different that is focused more on raw survival over battling monsters then The Long Dark is for you. This survival game tasks players with surviving a snowy landscape after a massive geological disaster. Not only will players need to keep warm, but they’ll need to construct shelters, hunt for food, and find a way to fend off animals like wolves.

Starbound Best Survival Games

Starbound is a unique and entertaining game that allows players to explore a wealth of interesting, beautiful, and sometimes dangerous planets. However, unlike most survival games, Starbound actually features a campaign that helps lends better context and urgency beyond simply “try to survive”

Sheltered Best Survival Games

In Sheltered players take control of a family of four that need to survive in a fallout shelter located underground. The charming pixelated art form complements the fun, unique gameplay that mixes traditional RPG elements into the modern survival game formula.

Rust Best Survival Games

Rust is a rather brutal online survival game that has players compete against one another for resources, territory, and airdrops. Users who join Rust will need to learn quickly that this is a dog eat dog world, but if you can succeed this can be a rather rewarding and tense experience.

This War of Mine Best Survival Games

Another unique survival title, this 2D game has players come face to face with the horrors of war as the fight refugees and others to survive. This title is not only challenging, but will offer through provoking moments about just how massive, deadly conflicts affects those in the crossfire.

Day Z Best Survival Games

One of the most popular survival games currently on the market, Day Z is a third-person massively multiplayer survival game that has players fight to survive in an undead world. This title is incredibly entertaining with friends and serves as a great entry point for anyone who is curious about this genre.


While Terraria might seem like a Minecraft clone, this 2D title is an excellent survival game that can be played either alone or with friends. Users are given a plethora of randomly generated worlds that are full of monsters, treasure, and unique items to craft. Terraria has also received numerous amount of post-release content and update, making it a title that can suck hours upon hours of your life away.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark is arguably the most popular survival game currently on the market thanks to its unique world that blends both prehistoric and modern cultures. Players can tame, ride, and upgrade dinosaurs that can be used to carry supplies or even attack enemies with. There is also your standard base building, harvest, and statistics that users will need to keep track of in order to live. Yet, it’s the fun and engaging multiplayer that allows Ark to stand out as tribes work together in order to try and fend off invading hordes of enemy players.

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