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Top 10 Best Super Mario Party Mini-Games to Destroy Friends In

best super mario party mini-games

Top 10 Best Super Mario Party Mini-Games to Destroy Friends In

If you’re wondering which are the best Super Mario Party mini-games to play, we’ve picked out 10 of them for you.

Best Super Mario Party Mini-Games


If you have to show your friends just one mini-game from Super Mario Party, let it be Slaparazzi. It’s easy to pick up, and it’s sure to have you and your friends rolling in laughter in no time. The goal here is to get yourself in the center of the photo for each shot that the paparazzi snap. To do that, you’ll need to slap your friends and shove them around the arena. Doesn’t matter how bad you look in the photo, as long as you’re in the center.

Bumper Brawl

Bumper Brawl is a classic, and we’re definitely glad to see it make a return in Super Mario Party. In this mini-game, up to 16 characters will get their own hamster ball, and you’ll have to bump into each other to knock your opponents off the field. All characters are split into teams as well, so do your best to be the last man standing to secure that team win.

Best Super Mario Party Mini-Games

Penguin Pushers

Penguin Pushers is simple, but no less fun as a mini-game in Super Mario Party. Your objective is pretty straightforward. Just try to corral all the pesky penguins into a narrow path while sliding around on an icy surface. Try not to bump into your teammates, and work together to funnel them through the opening.

Barreling Along

Barreling Along is one of the better competitive mini-games you’ll find in Super Mario Party. Each player will be seated on a barrel, and you’ll need to use your Joy-Con motion controls to control your barrel and weave your way through an obstacle course. Be careful, though; the slightest bump against any obstacle can send you completely off-course.

Train in Pain

Two teams will face off against each other in Train in Pain, and the goal here is to knock off the last cart on your opponent’s train so that you’re the only one left standing. It’s as chaotic as Slaparazzi and Bumper Brawl, and you’ll need to punch your opponent’s train while avoiding their wrath to stay alive in this one.

Best Super Mario Party Mini-Games

Dash and Dine

Just in case you needed some Overcooked madness in your Super Mario Party sessions, Dash and Dine is the perfect fit for you. Toad will give you a list of ingredients you need to gather, and you and your teammates will have to work together to find your way through the chaotic kitchen while trying to grab everything.

Sizzling Stakes

Motion controls aren’t for everyone, but Super Mario Party certainly makes good use of them in this mini-game. Players will be given a delicious-looking piece of steak that you need to cook, and you’ll have to flip it on its side with deft mastery of your Joy-Con’s movements. It’s not as easy as it sounds, as you’re constantly at risk of burning your steak or sending it flying.

Candy Shakedown

Yet another mini-game that’s pretty simple and straightforward in concept, Candy Shakedown simply requires you to shake out all the candy from inside a jar. However, what makes this game stand out is the brilliant use of the Joy-Con’s HD rumble, which lets you feel just how much candy you have left and how heavy they are. It’s rare to find a Switch game that actually properly utilizes the HD rumble feature, so this was a nice surprise.

Best Super Mario Party Mini-Games

Fiddler on the Hoof

Fiddler on the Hoof is a hilarious rhythm-based mini-game that tasks all players with riding a horse through a racetrack while pulling off ridiculous hand gestures. This mini-game does a great job of incorporating the fantastic motion controls with the rhythm game aspect, and it makes for a fun competitive romp in Super Mario Party.

Sign, Steal, Deliver

Super Mario Party’s 3v1 mini-games can be a little hit-or-miss at times, but Sign, Steal, Deliver is definitely a winner. The team of three will have to manually climb up stairs with their packages, but they’ll also need to be careful of the single player, who can control a flying drone to steal their stuff. It’s pretty well-balanced for a 3v1 game, and the tide could easily turn in either side’s favor.

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