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Top 20 Skyrim Mods We Want to See on Xbox One and PS4


Top 20 Skyrim Mods We Want to See on Xbox One and PS4

Maximum immersion!

SkyUI – Let’s be real, Skyrim’s UI and menu systems have always been messy and disorganized. However, the SkyUI mod greatly improves the interface with a cool categorizing system that keeps everything neat. Check it out here.

Quality World Map – If you spend a lot of time looking at your world map in Skyrim, this mod is the perfect fit for you. Your map will now look a lot more detailed, filled with roads and cool textures. Check it out here.

Immersive Armor – For those looking for more fashion options, this mod includes tons of lore-friendly armor sets that you can obtain in the game. And they’ll work for endgame content too. Check it out here.

Immersive Weapons – Just like the Immersive Armor mod we listed previously, Immersive Weapons is a mod that integrates a bunch of new (also lore-friendly) weapons into the game. Just in case you’ve already tired of the slew of options available in vanilla Skyrim. Check it out here.

Fores New Idles in Skyrim – For maximum immersion, why not install a mod that adds custom animations for the NPCs? This mod includes idle animations, as well as other behavioral animations for creatures too. Check it out here.

Alternate Start – If you’re not a fan of Skyrim’s original lengthy intro, this mod gives you an alternate start to the game where you wake up in a dungeon, cold and alone. Check it out here.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod – Skyrim is a huge game, but sometimes it can look a little ugly too. This mod helps to improve the textures of the objects you see in the game, and generally makes everything look a little nicer. Check it out here.

Skyrim Flora Overhaul – This mod will make your overworld environments look a lot more varied and beautiful. The Flora Overhaul mod adds a ton of new naturey plants and trees to make the world feel more alive. Check it out here.

Ultimate Follower Overhaul – This mod helps to make the follower system more organized and easier to use, and also includes some new dialogue options, actions, and orders for chosen followers too. Check it out here.

Frostfall – If you’ve mastered all the challenges there are to encounter in Skyrim, the Frostfall mod might be of some interest to you. This will add harsh weather conditions in the game, and task you with surviving against the unforgiving weather. Check it out here.

Convenient Horses – Your followers can get horses, you can perform mounted combat, you can do all sorts of actions like harvesting and looting without getting off your horse. What more could you want? Check it out here.

Falskaar – Here’s a mod that adds over 20 hours of new lands and quests to explore. They’re all lore-friendly, though they can’t be considered canon. Check it out here.

Enhanced Character Edit – If you’re tired of having a character with a face that doesn’t quite suit your tastes, this mod might help you out. It includes more sliders for all parts of your character’s body. Check it out here.

Apocalypse – For all the magic-users out there, this mod adds a slew of new and lore-friendly magic spells into the game, just in case you were feeling a little neglected. Check it out here.

Immersive HUD – Some of us really like immersion, and sometimes the HUD just gets in the way of things. This mod allows you to hide and show the HUD whenever you like. Check it out here.

Run For Your Lives – Again, for maximum immersion, this mod causes all townspeople and citizens to run indoors whenever there’s a dragon attack. Perfect. Check it out here.

Interesting NPCs – After a while, Skyrim’s NPCs can start to feel a little stale. This mod includes more dialogue lines for NPCs, and they’re all fully voiced. Check it out here.

Immersive Patrols – This is a pretty cool mod that adds faction patrols across the world. You’ll get to see them interact with each other, and you might even get to take part in a warzone fight. Check it out here.

Guard Dialogue Overhaul – Tired of the “arrow in the knee” lines? This mod will make the voiced dialogue for guards even more diverse and interesting, and they’re all lore-friendly too. Check it out here.

Immersive Creatures – You’ve already got immersive NPCs, guards, patrols, weapons, and armor. Why not add some exciting creatures into the mix too? This mod includes a bunch of new creatures for you to encounter and fight. Check it out here.

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