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The 25 Best Simulation Games You Can Play Right Now

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The 25 Best Simulation Games You Can Play Right Now

Spanning a wide range of experiences, here are 25 of the best simulation games.

Farming Simulator

Have you ever wanted to have an authentic agricultural experience without having to get your hands dirty? Well, Farming Simulator aims to place gamers in the role of a modern farmer as you harvest crops, raise livestock and drive a range of realistic farming vehicles.

Cities: Skylines

With Cities: Skylines, gamers are given the tools to construct enormous cities with towering skyscrapers. Gamers will be asked to manage their individual city, from basic utilities to political policies. Cities Skylines aims to offer an authentic city building experience.

Roller Coaster Tycoon

In the Roller Coaster Tycoon series gamers are asked to manage and develop an amusement park simulator. As you manage your park and construct roller coasters designed for the most hardcore thrill seekers, Roller Coaster Tycoon, like all the best simulator games, grants you unprecedented control over each amusement park aspect.


The classic Sim City series has taken many forms over the years but the core simulation experience remains the same; gamers are given control over developing vast cities from the ground up.

Flight Simulator

With numerous aircraft, destinations and challenging missions, the pinnacle of flight simulation games has to be the Flight Simulator series. This incredibly detailed aeronautic experience may even have enough realism to aid aspiring pilots in reaching their aviator goals.

Goat Simulator

In Goat Simulator you are given control of the titular furry mammal and left to your own devices within the games open world environment. You are free to bash, jump and even lick objects to your hearts content in this convincing goat experience.

Football Manager

Football (or Soccer) is a worldwide phenomenon with a thriving culture, so what better way to capture the energy of this sporty sensation than by giving players control over each nuanced element; this includes signing footballers, controlling match tactics and even handling media attention.

Kerbal Space Program

In Kerbal Space Program gamers are challenged to conjure their inner Rocket Scientist as they aim for the final frontier in this space simulator. From crafting the perfect spacecraft to fine tuning your lunar landing, Kerbal Space Program will have pondering the intricacies for space travel.

Assetto Corsa

This list wouldn’t be complete without a strong racing simulator entry and this is something Assetto Corsa gracefully pulls off. With its advanced physics engine Assetto Corsa aims to capture the characteristics of its extensive automobile lineup.

The Sims

This life simulator has seen incredible success and puts gamers in a sandbox world where they control the lives of characters known as “Sims”. You can design the ideal house and customize your Sims right down to their personality traits as you guide them through life with your newly acquired god-like control over these virtual people.

Surgeon Simulator

Get ready to take on the role of a surgeon as you operate on a number of patients, including aliens and even a virtual Donald Trump. This quirky simulator will see you trying to steady your hand as you perform a range of different life-saving operations.

Train Simulator

If you’re a trainspotting enthusiast, this may be the ideal simulator game for you; Train Simulator presents the opportunity to travel the world as you conduct trains through various train routes with the numerous offering of trains available.

American Truck Simulator

Combining Truck simulation and business management, American Truck Simulator tasks players with balancing both of these aspects as they deliver goods to various locations across America.

Car Mechanic Simulator

Grab your toolbox because in Car Mechanic Simulator your wrench becomes your new best friend. You’ll run diagnostics on a range of automobiles as you operate a car workshop in this auto repair simulator.

Silent Hunter 3

Command a submarine in this underwater simulator set during World War 2. You’ll command your crew, position your submersible for combat, and engage in naval combat in this one of a kind simulation game.

Space Engineers

Cast into the vastness of space, you’re tasked with constructing spaceships, space stations and even planetary outposts as you’re challenged with survival in the harsh conditions of space. While exploring the sandbox world of Space Engineers you’ll encounter new planets as you utilise your creativity and skill to build either offensive or defensive structures on these uncharted alien worlds.

Software Inc

In Software Inc you’ll be responsible for managing your very own software company, from constructing the ideal office to developing your own software and optimising your companies productivity. Software Inc grants you meticulous control over these aspects you watch your company rise to become a prolific business.

European Ship Simulator

Take to the seas in this authentic ship simulator as you are given access to a range of aquatic vessels. European Ship Simulator features a physics engine which sees each ship handle differently in the unpredictable ebb and flow of the ocean.

Theme Hospital

This classic simulation game presents you with control over a fictional hospital as you juggle several medical elements; from treating patients to pouring resources into growing your hospital, Theme Hospital offers and engaging and humorous simulation game.

Zoo Tycoon

Prepare to craft specialized animal habitats, build stalls for customers and micromanage a virtual zoo towards success. With an emphasis on establishing a prosperous zoo, you will aim to increase revenue by optimizing the way your zoo operates.

Prison Architect

This Prison simulator introduces you its world of captivity by having you construct a facility for its incarcerated individuals. Soon you’ll find yourself hiring specialized staff and quelling prison riots as the size of your penitentiary increases. This prison sim will see you striving to establish an advanced maximum security prison.

Tropico 4

Step into the role of El Presidente as you pass political policies, cultivate the land and tend to your citizen’s needs. As you erect new buildings and shape the political landscape, Tropico 4 reveals its intricate nature and you’ll soon be managing several attributes as your nation begins to take shape.

Project Highrise

In Project Highrise, you are given the tools of an architect and challenged to construct a skyscraper to dwarf the heavens. You’ll orchestrate every detail, right down to the wiring as you build a unique skyscraper full of personality and artistic appeal.

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

This eccentrically titled simulation game places you in charge of a weapon shop and managing its daily business. You’ll forge weapons, interact with customers and expand your enterprise, all in this zany potato themed world.

Democracy 3

Sporting a unique interface which allows you to visualize key elements and their connections, which include the law, political policies and voters, Democracy 3 challenges you to become a leader of men. Whether aspiring to become president or prime-minister, the political sim Democracy 3 puts the tools in your hands to achieve this.


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