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Top 15 Best PS4 Pro Skins to Pretty Up Your System Right Now

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Top 15 Best PS4 Pro Skins to Pretty Up Your System Right Now

Time to spruce up the ol’ PS4 Pro.

Solid State White Skin

Jealous of the Glacier White PS4 Slim? Why not customize your PS4 Pro with the Solid State White from DecalGirl. It leaves your glossy black PlayStation logo dead center and maintains some slick black accents to keep the look of the PS4 Pro interesting.Deadpool Logo Red

Fan of everyone’s favorite “merc with a mouth”? Why not show just how big a fan you are with this Deadpool Logo PS4 Pro skin. It even comes with one for your DualShock 4 so you can take your love for this Marvel hero to a friends house.

Spider-Man in City Skin

This one of the famous web-crawler is perfect for fans of the iconic superhero or just someone who can’t contain their excitement for the upcoming exclusive from Insomniac games.

Retro Skin

You may be playing on a PS4 Pro now, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any love for the classics. This PS4 Pro skin is inspired by the NES and will give your PS4 Pro a look from the golden age of gaming.

Tetrads Skin

If you like the retro-inspired idea but don’t want to turn your PS4 Pro into another console using skins, why not turn into a game of Tetris instead?

Goku Shirt Skin

There aren’t many anime characters as iconic as Goku from the Dragon Ball series, so it’s perfectly understandable if you’re a fan. And while there are many skins based off of the popular anime and character, not many actually don your PS4 in his easily recognizable shirt.

Kingdom Hearts PS4 Pro Edition Skin

Kingdom Hearts III is one of the most highly anticipated games from Square Enix right now. If you happen to be one of the people looking forward to it, why not deck out your console in store with one of these amazing skins? The black and white design keeps your hardware looking classy as you show off your love for KH in style.

Starry Night Skin

Perhaps you’re a video game lover with a passion for the finer things in life. This PS4 Pro skin which depicts Vincen van Gogh’s famous work of art will help convey your passions while still allowing you to jump into some games whenever you feel like it.

Harry Potter Houses Skin

So you’re a fan of JK Rowlings series but never got your own letter in the mail telling you it was your turn to go to Hogwarts? That doesn’t mean you can’t show your pride for the school, though. Thankfully, this one for your PS4 Pro helps you do just that.

Batman Skeleton Skin

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes ever created, and one of the few to successfully make his way over to video games with his crime-fighting antics. The Batman Skeleton skin is one of those skins for your PS4 Pro that lets you show off your love for the character but provides a unique, classy take on the character. This Vitruvian Man inspired piece of art will make your console the talk of the town.

Brilliantly Twisted – The Joker

Of couse, wherever the Batman goes, the Joker must follow. This PS4 Pro skin features the iconic villain with some bloody cards and his signature maniacal laugh. Just don’t let his insanity spread from your console to you.


The Hivemind skin turns your console into a futuristic colony of gaming greatness with it’s beautiful depiction of a mechanical hive.

Wooden Gaming System

Maybe you have a low-tech looking setup because you prefer a more natural look to your entertainment system rather than industrial, and like to have nods to the past littering your gaming space. The Wooden Gaming System skin is inspired by the 1980 Atari Video Game system and will add just the right amount of nostalgia and classic natural appearance to your room.


Nothing like adding a little Zen to your life as you play some difficult games. This one sets your PlayStation logo peeking through some bamboo with a bright red strip down the left side for a bit of contrast.

Composition Notebook

Ever find yourself playing video games when you should be studying? It’s easy to get caught when you have that plain ol’ PS4 Pro sitting there. So why not turn it into a classic notebook to fool anyone trying to cut in on your game time?

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