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The Best ‘Only On PlayStation’ Sale Deals You Need to Buy


The Best ‘Only On PlayStation’ Sale Deals You Need to Buy

Sony is holding the “Only On PlayStation Sale” with PlayStation exclusives up to 70% off. Here are the titles we think you should consider buying.

Best ‘Only On PlayStation’ Sale Deals You Need to Buy

Who doesn’t love a gaming sale? Through Oct. 16, Sony is holding an Only On PlayStation Sale where PlayStation exclusive titles are discounted up to 70%.

There are many great games in the sale, but these are the ones you have to consider.

Best ‘Only On PlayStation’ Sale Deals – Until Dawn

Price: $5.99 – PS Plus Price: $4.99 – Original Price: $19.99

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If you’ve missed out on Supermassive’s 2015 hit, now is the perfect time to jump in. Until Dawn is a story-focused game that plays like a campy B-horror movie. You have to make choices for each character and each of them can live or die, depending on how your story shapes out. We believe Until Dawn is a perfect party game to play we friends and, with Halloween around the corner, this is the way to go. For $5 or $6, Until Dawn is a steal.

Best ‘Only On PlayStation’ Sale Deals – Resogun

Price: $4.49 – PS Plus Price: $2.99 – Original Price: $14.99

Housemarque, resogun, sale, PlayStation, only on playstation, ps4

Resogun is a bombastic shoot em’ up from 2013 that is pure fun mayhem. With an incredible art style and easy to learn but hard to master gameplay mechanics, Resogun is a stand-out game. While the game is fun alone, it’s even better in two-player co-op. Housemarque are experts in their craft and, for the price of a Starbucks latte, Resogun is a must-have PlayStation title.

Best ‘Only On PlayStation’ Sale Deals – Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection

Price: $9.99 – PS Plus Price: $7.99 – Original Price: $19.99

uncharted, nathan drake collection, ps4, playstation, sale, deal, only on playstation, naughty dog, sony

The Uncharted series is not only iconic for PlayStation but for gaming as a whole. Naughty Dog’s storytelling, graphics and gameplay in the Uncharted series is amongst the best in the business. This collection, which contains Uncahrted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, is a full package that will last you for many hours. Whether you are revisiting or dipping in for the first time, 50% off is an amazing deal for three highly-regarded PlayStation games.

Best ‘Only On PlayStation’ Sale Deals – Ratchet & Clank (2016)

Price: $11.99 – PS Plus Price: $9.99 – Original Price: $19.99

ratchet & clank, Insomniac, PS4, sale, deal, only on playstation, sony, 2016

Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank reboot was a surprisingly great and slightly underrated PlayStation game. With Pixar-like graphics, a vast array of wacky weapons and a hilarious fourth-wall breaking script, Ratchet & Clank is a blast. Also, since this is a semi-remake of the first game, you’ll be fine if this is your entry into the series. If you have nostalgia for PS2 era mascot games (like I certainly do), this is a great deal.

Best ‘Only On PlayStation’ Sale Deals – That’s You!

Price: $3.99 – PS Plus Price: $2.99 – Original Price: $9.99

that's you, playlink, ps4, deal, sale, playstation, only on playstation, sony

If you’re looking for a fun PlayStation game to play with a group of friends, especially those who aren’t normally into games, That’s You! is a safe bet. That’s You! uses Sony’s PlayLink functionality that allows players to use their phones to interact with the PS4. The game will have you drawing funny pictures of your friends, answering weird questions and playing several mini games. That’s You! might not have hours upon hours of replay value, but it will give you several fun nights for only $4 or $3.

Best ‘Only On PlayStation’ Sale Deals – Journey

Price: $5.99 – PS Plus Price: $4.49 – Original Price: $14.99

playstation, journey, ps4, sony, deal, sale, only on playstation

Journey is a special experience. With beautiful art and subtle but brilliant storytelling, Journey was a stand-out and ahead of it’s time game when it released in 2012. The game pairs you with another player but you don’t know who they are and you can’t speak to them over chat. It’s up to you and the other player whether you want to work together or abandon them, either way, the experience is relaxing, comforting and highly unique. Also, new players are constantly getting into Journey, so you shouldn’t have to worry about finding another player. For the price, Journey is a great PlayStation game that’s worth going back for. The Journey Collector’s Edition is also available for $9.99 or $7.49 for PS Plus members. This edition includes flOW and Flower, two games from the same developer as Journey.

Best ‘Only On PlayStation’ Sale Deals – Killzone Shadow Fall

Price: $4.99 – PS Plus Price: $3.99 – Original Price: $19.99

killzone shadow fall, guerrilla games, PlayStation, PS4, sony, deals, only on playstation, sale

While Horizon Zero Dawn was clearly Guerrilla Games big break as a premiere PlayStation developer, there are many dedicated fans of their previous series, Killzone. Shadow Fall is the fourth main-entry of the first-person shooter series and takes place in a futuristic city where two rival factions fight for power. While the Killzone series has received mixed reviews as a whole, many believe that Shadow Fall is one of the best. Whether you end up liking the game or not, it’s not too much of a gamble at this price.

Best ‘Only On PlayStation’ Sale Deals – Jak & Daxter Bundle

Price: $19.99 – PS Plus Price: $15.99 – Original Price: $39.99

PlayStation, naughty dog, PS4, Jak & Daxter, deal, sale, only on playstation, sony

While Naughty Dog has certainly moved onto bigger and better things, many of us will always think of the Jak & Daxter games as PlayStation classics. This collection gives you the full package: Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak III and Jak X: Combat Racing. While the series changed drastically over the years, going from a jolly platformer to a edgy futuristic GTA game, it was fun every step of the way. While the original $40 price point is a bit steep, the sale prices are a bit more manageable and worth considering if you want to check out or revisit Jak & Daxter.

For the full list of games in the “Only On PlayStation Sale,” visit the PlayStation blog here.

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