Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

1. Snipperclips – Cut it Out, Together!

In this puzzle game, kids will need to cut the other players down to size– literally. One player can be “Snip”, while another is their buddy “Clip”, and the two of them must shape themselves into whatever problem-solving tool they might need. Snipperclips is a party game that can be enjoyed by up to four players at once in local multiplayer action.

2. Guacamelee! 2

The first Guacamelee was great, and this one’s even better. Enter the “Mexiverse” in this sassy and colorful platformer, and use your wrestling inspired moves to take down evil villains.
Guacamelee! 2 is a light-hearted romp that’s as hilarious as it is entertaining, with a story that’s steeped in Mexican folklore and culture.

3. Pikuniku

While Pikuniku’s colorful childlike appearance makes it appropriate for children of all ages, older kiddos will appreciate the surprising amount of depth that this puzzle-exploration game contains. Hidden beneath the game’s idyllic exterior is a dystopian struggle to expose a deep-state conspiracy. The humor is all very tongue-in-cheek, keeping the overall atmosphere charming and cute (unless you’re old enough to see through the layers).

Friends and family can join in on the puzzle-solving action too, as Pikuniku supports local multiplayer complete with special levels and challenges.

4. World of Goo

World of Goo is a wacky, puzzle-solving adventure game in which you use a variety of goo balls to construct obstacle-solving structures. The levels are strange, the challenges are diverse, and those goo balls are living, squirming creatures. World of Goo will stretch kids imagination and problem-solving skills while providing hours of entertainment.

5. Super Mario Party

The ultimate party game is back and better than ever on the Switch. Gather up to 4 adults and kids alike, and get the Mario Pary started!

This newest entry in the series introduces a wide variety of 80 new minigames for the whole family to enjoy. In addition, there are new game modes that can make Super Mario Party feel like the modern version of a table-top board game.

6. Rayman Legends

You may have played the original Rayman games when you were a kid! First debuting in the mid-90s, Rayman Legends breathes new life into the platformer series with its exciting and original gameplay.

In this newest adventure for Rayman, Globox and the Teensies takes players across 100+ detailed maps complete with all-new boss fights. Rayman Legends is an especially great platformer because up to four kids (or adults!) can play together on the same screen, each controlling a different character.

7. Splatoon 2

Looking for a third-person shooter that’s less violent but just as fun and exciting? That’s Splatoon 2 in a nutshell.

In this ultra-popular game, players (known as inklings) battle with different colored ink as they try to achieve various goals.  There are tons of different multiplayer game modes to choose from, including cooperative fights and even ranked battles for players who want to take the game more seriously.

Splatoon 2 is really easy to get into, and offers a huge amount of harmless fun for gamers of all ages.

8. Minecraft

Minecraft has been insanely popular for many years and that popularity is well deserved. The game’s well-crafted simplicity allows for endless hours of creative gaming (even after all these years). Play split-screen multiplayer with your kid, and you’ll probably end up having just as much fun as them– maybe more!

The newest version on the Nintendo Switch has been updated with many new features since the game first released.

9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

One of the longest-running Mario games is back on the Nintendo Switch! Prepare for fast-paced go-kart racing action full of icons from the Mario universe.

New characters like Koopalings, new features like anti-gravity racing, and new items like the Piranha Plant make this 8th entry in the series one of the best ever.

10. Tetris 99

You know what kids like these days? Battle Royale video games. The legendary Tetris franchise knows this too, which is why the classic game is now more competitive than ever.

In this newest version of Tertis, 99 players all battle at once (by playing Tetris) to see who can be the last player standing. It’s classic Tetris gameplay, and your opponents’ game grids are displayed in miniature along the borders of the screen.

Sound kind of weird? Give it a try! It’s currently free for all Nintendo Switch Online members.

11. Arms

Arms is a light-hearted fighting game in which players use a combination of button presses and hand motions to control wild, spring-loaded boxing arms. The game is packed with a variety of agile fighters, battle arenas, and “arms” types– each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Prepare to get physical both inside and outside of the game.

12. Super Mario Odyssey

The Super Mario series is a Nintendo staple, and this latest entry successfully takes up the mantle on the Switch.

Mario Odyssey takes you on an… Odyssey through a wild variety of different worlds, while you complete various objectives and collect items to unlock the next world you’ll venture too. As usual, the overarching goal is to rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser– but the fun is in the journey, not the destination!

The game is full of kid-friendly adventure with excitement and gameplay that’ll satisfy adults.

13. The Gardens Between

In The Gardens between, players follow best friends Arina and Frendt though a surreal puzzle-filled adventure. Each level of this creative game takes place on an intricately detailed “island” of sorts. Each one of these islands is made up of the two friend’s memories. Kids will manipulate time to overcome obstacles as they work their way to the summit of each level. The Gardens Between is a single-player game.

14. Wandersong

This indie puzzle-adventure game is perfect for any music-loving kiddo. As a traveling Bard, your job in Wandersong is to save the world with song and dance!

By using an 8-colored “song wheel” (each color representing a music note) you’ll strike up tunes with over 150 different characters you meet. The better the song, the closer you get to another piece of the mystical “Earthsong”, the magical composition that could prevent humanity’s destruction.

15. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus

This legendary game from the 1980s is back– and it’s gained an extra dimension on the Nintendo Switch!

That’s right, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus (wow, that’s a mouthful) comes to life in new 3-D gameplay. In addition, many new features update this classic to the modern era while at the same time making it more kid-friendly.

The ghosts that once caused instant death in Pac-Man can now be bumped into (3 times only), and there are also bombs and jump pads at your disposal to move around the maze. And finally, a new “Adventure” mode is now included along with the classic challenge of simply achieving the high score.

16. New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

The usual suspects are back for more frantic fun across two huge side-scrolling adventures. Join Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and the rest of the gang in classic platformer gameplay that’s suitable for any age and skill level.

Up to three players at once can select their favorite Nintendo icon from a wide list of playable characters– so get going! Mushroom Kingdom isn’t going to save itself!

17. Nintendo Labo

While not technically a “game”, the Nintendo Labo is a LEGO-like construction kit that pushes the boundaries of the Switch console. Each Labo kit contains tangible cardboard construction materials that can be assembled and used to virtually interact with different games.

There is a wide variety of Labo kits to choose from, each offering a new tool to construct and a new way to make gaming more interactive.

18. Fortnite

Like Minecraft, we’re sure you’ve heard of this game; it’s all the rage right now. And, no, it’s actually not a game about funny dances like you might have expected. Fortnite is a 3rd person multiplayer shooter game that’s designed to be played online. And while it’s only one of the game’s different modes, the 50 v 50 Battle Royale is what makes Fortnite so incredibly popular.

While weapons and combat are at the core of the gameplay, Fortnite’s cartoonish aesthetic and over-the-top style make it far more approachable than most shooters on the market.

19. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an incredibly popular (and incredibly addictive) farming simulator game. The gameplay requires you to tend to all the typical farm duties you might expect, but in addition, players can also form relationships with the other inhabitants nearby. In Stardew Valley players can do everything from raise chickens to get married, all presented with idyllic charm.

20. Golf Story

Golf Story is primarily a golf simulator, but it’s also a Role Playing Game that tells a fantastic underdog story.

In Golf Story, the player follows the tale of a struggling young golfer who, despite his obvious talent, is doubted by everyone he meets. Time to grit your teeth and rise through the ranks!

The “Golf” part is fun, and the “Story part” is charming, zany, and ultimately rewarding. Put them together, and you have a fantastic game for kids.

21. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild launched with the Nintendo Switch and helped make the console one of the fastest selling of all time.

On its own, Breath of the Wild’s open-world adventure is polished, exciting and immersive. As the newest entry in a multi-generation spanning series, Breath of the Wild is perfection.

22. Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is the ultimate party game. It’s easy to pick up, and instantly crazy, chaotic, and challenging. Your job as a chef (whether solo or with teammates) is to please your customers– no matter what! Sometimes you’ll be cooking in the middle of a zombie-filled graveyard, and sometimes your food will be literally on fire. It’s up to players to stay organized, efficient, and not fighting in real-life if they want to win. Up to four chefs can cook at once!

23. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

This combination of the Mario franchise and Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids is a turn-based tactical game– meaning it’s a lot like a board game. Throughout the Kingdom Battle, Mario and his usual allies (Luigi, Yoshi, and Princess Peach) fight enemy Rabbids. Each engagement of the enemy must be carefully planned, because once the player’s turn is over, it’s then the enemy’s chance to do their worst.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle can be played in both single-player and cooperative multiplayer game modes with two players simultaneously.

24. Rocket League

Soccer plus fast cars– how could that not be awesome? Ok if you have your doubts, that’s understandable… But try it before you knock it!

Rocket League’s crazy combination is incredibly popular because it works so well. Race around a field swerving, passing, shooting and scoring in a variety of customizable vehicles. This fast-passed arena action can be played in solo, online, and split-screen couch co-op modes.

25. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Tropical Freeze is the Donkey Kong franchise’s first appearance on the Switch, and is perfect for any fans of the series. The game itself is also a perfect example of platformer fun.

When snowflakes start to fall on the Kong’s tropical jungle home, it’s clear that something mysterious (and possibly nefarious) is going on. Donkey and his pals set out on an adventure to solve this creepy climate change and get their jungle back to normal.

Two players can play at once in all of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze’s game modes.

26. TowerFall

Forget online, TowerFall is all about plunking down on the couch for some local, free-for-all 6 player battles. The goal of the game is simple: just hit your opponent with an arrow before they do the same to you. But, when you add in a wide variety of power-ups, arrow types, and unique hazards, you get hilariously chaotic fun.

TowerFall is super easy to pick up and start playing, and more serious older kids will be able to master the game’s complexities.

27. LEGO City Undercover

LEGO games, like LEGO movies, are packed with action, adventure and comedy that always stays kid-appropriate. In this crime thriller set in a mix of real-world cities, players assume the role of an undercover police officer tasked with putting an end to a recent city-wide crime wave.

There are tons of thieves to bust, vehicles to drive, and hilarious stories to experience in Lego City Undercover. Up to two players can join in at once.

28. Donut Country

Finally, a game where you can play as a raccoon! Well.. sort of, you play as a raccoon in charge of digging holes. Still with us? Good, because kids will love the cute characters they meet and the crazy raccoon mischief they cause in Donut Country.

The objective is to swallow up your friends (and other large objects) with the holes you dig in order to earn fun prizes! The gameplay is beautifully simple, and the story is clever, quirky, and compelling enough that many adults will find Donut Country enjoyable as well.

29. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

The Pokémon game that the Nintendo Switch deserves has arrived. Like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokémon: Let’s Go is a magnificent game both on its own and as the newest mantle-bearer in one of the most popular series of all time.

Pokémon: Let’s Go is an enhanced remake of the 1996 Red/Blue editions of the game, and it even comes in two varieties just like it used to. Both a “Pikachu” and an “Eevee” edition are available for sale, and the one you pick determines which Pokémon you start with in-game.

Like the groundbreaking mid-90s release, Let’s Go is all about “catching them all”, but in a more interactive and exciting way than ever before. The game even supports cooperative multiplayer so more than one trainer can battle and capture each unique creature at the same time.

30. Gris

Platformers are a dime a dozen these days, but those that innovate and further the genre like Gris does are still rare. Gris is exceptional because of its beautifully minimalist art style and polished and precise gameplay. Younger kids can easily enjoy this elegant platformer, and older kids will be able to appreciate the style, emotion, and magic of Gris more deeply.

31. Mario Tennis Aces

Like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros, Mario Tennis Aces brings some of the most iconic Mario characters (and their special powers) together to battle it out– this time, on the tennis court.

Mario Tennis Aces is easy to get into and difficult to master, with a number of nuanced tennis techniques available: like “slices”, “lobs”, and always-useful “topspin”. New characters have been added to the game since release, and more are on their way soon, each with their own special skills, powers, and trick shots!

32. Just Dance 2019

If you want to get your kids (or yourself) up and moving, this game should do the trick. Packed with the latest and hottest pop releases, Just Dance 2019 gets players to learn and perform in-game choreography routines.

Don’t worry about knowing all the moves right away. Just Dance 2019 adapts to your dancing habits and can even curate specialized playlists that fit your style. This latest version of the game even includes 8 choreographed routines designed by child development experts to encourage fun and healthy exercise. Up to 6 players can boogie at once, so get the party started!

33. Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

Yet another 1990s franchise favorite is back and better than ever on the Nintendo Switch. Remakes are trending these days, and we’re not complaining– as long as they’re executed as well as all the games in the N Sane Trilogy are.

This Crash Bandicoot bundle features 3 games worth of light-hearted spinning, jumping, and “WHUMP-ing action that’s guaranteed to bring childhood memories flooding back– or create new ones for kids!

34. Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Kids can join the ranks of the legendary Fox McCloud (Star Fox) as interstellar pilots on a mission to liberate the Atlas Star System from the evil Grax. What this means is lots of action-packed 3rd-person customizing, flying, and fighting across seven unique alien planets. Two players can even fly together to complete missions and conquer dangerous challenges.

35. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

For kid-friendly fighting-game action on the Switch, look no further than Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This 5th entry in the series brings icons from the Nintendo Universe together (along with their unique powers and abilities) for the ultimate showdown. Battle online, in local multiplayer, or in the game’s single-player adventure mode “World of Light”.

36. Toki Tori 2

Toki Tori is primarily a puzzle game, but you’d never know it from its cute and playful design and casual platformer components. Toki Tori will keep your kids entertained with playful problem-solving across 80 different levels. It’s casual, semi-educational fun that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

37. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes games are incredibly popular because, believe it or not, there are a lot of kids that are into both Marvel and LEGOs. In this latest Marvel LEGO adventure, players can compete with a wide variety of both heroes and villains in battle arenas and themed challenges. Or, up to 4 friends and family members choose their favorite character and play the main questline together!

38. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad is none other than Mario’s little mushroom buddy who you may have seen before in other game. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker first debuted on the Wii U, but the game is best played on the Nintendo Switch.

The goal is to track down treasure, and the challenge is the ingenious diorama-style puzzles that stand in your way. Kids will have a blast figuring out a way past each of the whimsically detailed Mario-themed obstacles. Two players can work together to try and collect gems to complete various objectives.

39. Runbow

As the name suggests, Runbow features a unique combination of racing and platformer action, all delivered in a blast of vibrant color. With its straightforward yet exciting gameplay, Runbow is the perfect game to play on the go. Kids can play solo, or go head-to-head with their friend in a variety of multiplayer modes.

40. Kirby Star Allies

Kirby, the ever-hungry shapeshifter, is back for another adventure on the Nintendo Switch. Many of Kirby’s classic 1990s abilities are back too, like combing powers (when you steal them), along with the hard-hitting yo-yo!

Kirby Star Allies is a blast for kids to play, and it’s even more fun when teaming up with others. Up to four players can join in on the action at the same time.

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