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25 Nintendo Labo Memes to Start Your Morning

Nintendo Labo

25 Nintendo Labo Memes to Start Your Morning

Labo could either be Nintendo’s greatest idea or funniest meme yet.

A real image of trying to grab a Labo kit on April 20.

Instructions unclear, made an actual box instead.

Nintendo is saving the planet and their budget with one cardboard at a time.

Wii Swinging Guy vs Nintendo Labo Cardboard Dude!

Nintendo understands our current generation. Perfect for those living alone… or maybe not.

The Nintendo Labo is the company’s solution to the Switch’s substandard voice chat.

It’s the closest thing we have so far.

The possibilities are endless! Who knows what else we can build?

Just make sure to keep your furry friends away from the Nintendo Labo.

Nintendo taking gaming to a whole new, immersive level.

Snake sneaks into the battlefield!

You never really know what the company will do next.

Busting monsters on the next level!

Overwatch: Nerf(ed) This! Edition for Nintendo Labo.

For the adults.

Notice: The Nintendogs Labo kit does not come with a real dog.

Basically, any of us when we gift the Labo to our family and friends.

Here we can see the Alpha Cardboard Guy soothing the rest of his pack.

Ever since the Labo announcement, Sony has decided to skip all PSVR productions and release a new brand called PSFoil.

We are the Cardboard Guy while the Joy Con is life.

Seems like Arby’s has been teasing the Labo for some time now.

Dropping subtle Labo hints months before the announcement.

Creative players will be building their own cities at launch.

Xbox and PlayStation are quivering.

The Nintendo fans are ready to clap back.

Nintendo knows we’re all kids at heart.

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