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Best New Sims 4 Mods for November 2016


Best New Sims 4 Mods for November 2016

The Sims 4 just keeps getting better.

The Sims 4 only gets better once awesome mods are involved. Some of the best November mods for The Sims 4 include some great new items for mad scientists, items that pay homage to Blizzard’s hit game Overwatch and a new character trait that we all kind of wish we could have.

Skinny Dipping For All!

This mod allows Teen Sims to get in on the skinny dipping fun while also allowing older Sims to go skinny dipping even if there are children on the lot. Hey, there’s no reason the kiddies should ruin adult fun. Although, we don’t recommend going skinny dipping while children are also in the pool. That’s a little weird.

Unemotional Trait

If you want your Sim to be stone cold and unfazed, try out this unemotional trait mod. This trait will essentially rid your Sim of emotions, leaving them to develop Mischief much faster. The trade off here is that your Sim can’t learn Comedy, Charisma and Social skills.

Look Out, Here Comes The Spider-Man

The world is a better place with Spider-Man watching over it and now your Sims can feel that same sense of safety and assurance…or they can just throw on Spidey’s suit to steal a kiss from the Sim they love. A Spider-Man suit mod has already been available for The Sims 4 but this mod will add poses to make you Sim really feel more like everyone’s favorite spider-based superhero.

Call Anytime

Ever felt like calling up a fellow Sim during those ungodly hours of the night? Well, even if you haven’t this mod is pretty handy. This mod will not only allow your Sim to make a phone call at any time but it also gives you the option to chat longer, improve your relationship with the Sim you called or lose relationship points with the Sim you called. Sometimes you just don’t want some Sims to like you.

Movie Night Event

This mod will let you get all your Sim friends together for a fun movie night. Enjoy sitting around the TV with good friends and great snacks. It’s a great social event for Sims who would simply rather to spend some more time indoors than going out on the town.

Mad Scientist Item Set

Embrace your Sim’s inner madness with this fun mod. If your Sim is an evil scientist or just a little off their rocker, this entire lab set would be great for their home. The mod includes five different items that includes a Frankenstein slab, Tesla Coil Torus and Sphere, a monster underneath a sheet and more. Some of the items, like the Frankenstein slab, are fully functioning furniture piece that your Sim can sleep on. It probably won’t be the most comfortable night’s rest but it will all be in the name of science!

More Mad Scientist Goodies

Continue the madness with some additional items that really take things to another creepy level. This mod includes a set of seven objects—five of which are a variety of different body parts in jars. The other two items included are a desk for all of your jarred body parts and an “un-electric chair” that looks just like an old electric chair. It just won’t kill your Sim.

Backyard Fireworks

Allow your Sims to create their own stunning firework display with this fun mod. You will be able to pick between a variety of different firework show themes all in the comfort of your own backyard. You will have to take care of cleanup every time you set the fireworks off but it’s a small price to pay for a private fireworks show.

Unlocked Skills for Children

Don’t let the Sims 4 limit how talented your child can be any longer! This mod will unlock adult skills for children even if they haven’t maxed out the associated child skill. So if you want your child to be a singing prodigy or a master piano player without much practice at all, this is the mod for you.

Play Chess Anywhere

Chess is great. The bulky chess table that you have to find room for only to find it doesn’t really match your current design aesthetic? Not so much. Well, this mod will allow you to place a chess set on any table you want. Now you can turn any surface into the chess table of your wildest dreams.

Overwatch T-Shirts

Now your Sim can embrace their love of Overwatch just as much as you can. This mod introduces a variety of fun Overwatch hero t-shirts. Unfortunately, not every hero is available just yet. The mod currently includes t-shirts with icons for Winston, Reaper, Symmetra, Zarya, Ana, Pharah, Hanzo, Genji, Bastion, Widowmaker, Tracer, Soldier: 76 and Reinhardt.

Vintage Social Media Art

One day our social media networks will be primitive and outdated. Even Facebook and Skype will soon go the way of AOL instant messaging or simple telegraphs. These quirky art pieces feature today’s most popular social media platforms in retro designs that remind us that one day even we will be old and confused with no idea how to use the technology around us. It’s the circle of life.

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