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Top 15 Best Gaming Cosplay That Won Halloween 2018

Gaming Halloween

Top 15 Best Gaming Cosplay That Won Halloween 2018

Growing up, it always seemed like Halloween was a holiday that only kids could enjoy, as the joy of trick-or-treating and munching on candy isn’t really a responsible adult activity. As nerd culture has grown mainstream though, so has the idea of grown-ups dressing up for the occasion as well.

These are just a few of the best gaming cosplays that won Halloween 2018.

Gaming Cosplay That Won Halloween

Jensen Ackles’ Red Hood

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles fulfills many fan’s dream casting for Batman’s Red Hood, as the actor rocks the token red mask and duel pistols known to Jason Todd’s anti-villain identity.

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Men

If the end product wasn’t enough to prove their love for all things Spider-Man, here is the Insomniac Dev team dressed up in multiple different Marvel’s Spider-Man costumes for Halloween.

Maul Cosplay as Arthur Morgan

Maul Cosplay has always been known for his Geralt of Rivia costume, but his Halloween portrayal of Red Dead Redemption 2’s Arthur Morgan might just be better.

King Garon

This Fire Emblem Fates costume nails Garon’s aesthetic. Here is hoping he doesn’t get angry and turn into his true form.

The God of Work

Redditor matthewjvince celebrated his Halloween work day by combining his suite with a notable scar and skin face paint. The God of Work is here to vanquish his paperwork.

Gaming Cosplay That Won Halloween

Rainbow Six Siege’s Dokkaebi

Be prepared to silence your phones, as this Rainbow Six Siege Dokkaebi costume is insanely realistic.

Fortnite Jack-O-Launcher

While shopping carts, pinatas, and pickaxes may be the first Fortnite Battle Royale costume props that came to mind this Halloween, this homemade Jack-O-Launcher is hands down the coolest one created.

Inquisitor Lavellan

Redditor Somewhither82’s beautiful rendition of Inquisitor Lavellan’s look at the Winter Palace.

Brookhaven Nurse

Silent Hill always drums up creepy Halloween costumes each year. But while Pyramid Head is always a fan favorite, nothing beats a good old scary rendition of the series’ Brookhaven Nurse.

Fortnite Bushcamper

Love or hate Fortnite BR, you have to appreciate this simple, yet brilliant this Bushcamper costume.

Best Gaming Cosplay That Won Halloween

Female PUBG Soldier

Nothing about PUBG’s costumes and clothing is all too fancy, but you can definitely recognize this iconic getup, as well as appreciate the feminine twist.

Dr. MixRespect

Few Twitch streamers merit a look even worthy of a costume. Dr. Disrespect is easily one of them, as this cosplay brings along 32-inch vertical leap with its look.

Thane and FemShep

Instagram users Syn (@syn_zh) and Cecile Maximoff Wilson (@cecilosaurus) really outdid themselves this Halloween, bringing Thane and Female Shepard to life-like we’ve never seen before.

A Modern Lara Croft

Lara Croft has always fallen under the “basic” costume ideas category each year, as the costume is simple and attractive. This take on the character is detailed and gritty though, as it is inspired by the modernized video game reboot.

Mountain Dew Yi

While the clothing may not match Master Yi’s Assassin ensemble, u/Darkrayon certainly has the headgear down perfectly.

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