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10 Best Gaming Cosplay of October 2018

best gaming cosplay

10 Best Gaming Cosplay of October 2018

10 Best Gaming Cosplay of October 2018

There’s no better time to bust out your best gaming cosplay than October, with Halloween and other conventions scattered throughout the month. The cosplay community is at it again, providing plenty of stunning costumes and bringing out favorite characters to life. Check out the best gaming cosplay of October 2018. If you’ve missed it, here are the best gaming cosplay from September.

Ciri from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher series is one of the most beloved open-world adventure games, giving us fascinating characters such as Geralt and Ciri. @RottenKraken has brought our favorite female warrior to life and even comes complete with a horse. This gaming cosplay is a real winner in our book.

Silverwind Nargacuga Armor from Monster Hunter

One of the greatest things about cosplaying the Monster Hunter is that you can pick any armor design from the game. Cosplayer @VampyBitme went for the stunning Silverwind Nargacuga from Monster Hunter Generations along with the switch axe.

Norted Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Sora’s the last person we’ll want to see norted in Kingdom Hearts, but @Birthbysleeping has gone ahead and cosplayed him for us. Norted Sora has traded in his brown hair for silver thatch and is garbed in those sinister black robes. Here’s hoping norted Sora won’t actually happen in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII continues to shine in the cosplay scene, despite having launched over nearly a decade ago. Lighting, a particular fan-favorite character, still gets lots of love through gaming cosplay. @LadyxZero has brought this heroine to life, looking absolutely gorgeous in her Final Fantasy XIII outfit.

Kassandra from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has given us two new protagonists, and cosplayer MsSkunk has brought over Kassandra to real life. Garbed in her Greek war fatigues, Kassandra looks like she’s ready to head into war with her old friend, Ikaros. The attention to detail is what makes this one of the best gaming cosplays we’ve seen.

Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening

There are plenty of waifus in Fire Emblem Awakening, but none stand as close to everyone’s favorite stalker, Tharja. This magician can stalk you for hours on end and hex you to death, and still looking downright enchanting. Cosplayer Chou-kou has managed to capture Tharja’s alluring and mystifying charms with her gaming cosplay.

Mei from Overwatch

Overwatch’s cosplay community is alive and thriving, as more talented people continue to bring their favorite heroes to life. @SweetpotatoLil has made a Mei cosplay, capturing the scientist’s playful personality with a cheerful smile and Snowball by her side. Moreover, she’s also nailed down Mei’s snowsuit, which is the hero’s main costume in the game.

Super Crown Sisters from the Mario Series

The Super Crown fad might be dying down, but plenty of cosplayers are still working their magic. Cosplayers @SinastriCosplay, @kitiaraIRL, and @rachelnycole went on to cosplay Chain Chompette, Bowsette, and Boosette, proving that the Super Crown is still a pretty big thing. Now, if only Nintendo will come around and add them to a game…

Lahn from Black Desert Online

One fun thing about cosplaying MMO avatars is that you can make it your own, essentially dressing up as your own character. @Pennytherevenge pulled off her own take of the Lahn class from Black Desert Online with this gorgeous gaming cosplay. Not only can she tame horses in the game, but also in real life, too.

Lunafreya from Final Fantasy XV

Despite her limited screen time, Lunafreya has still managed to garner a fair amount of fans. Gorgeous by nature, this elegant oracle makes for a perfect cosplay thanks to her sheer beauty. @Gemitah has nailed Lunafreya’s more somber side, posing for a sophisticated shot with the heroine’s favorite flower.

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