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10 Best Gaming Cosplay of December 2018

best gaming cosplay of december 2018

10 Best Gaming Cosplay of December 2018

10 Best Gaming Cosplay of December 2018

December’s been a great month for the cosplay community, with tons of new costumes and characters all over the internet. Check out all of the talented cosplayers and their amazing costumes below.

Cammy from Street Fighter

Cammy’s always been a fan-favorite character in the gaming community thanks to her strong willpower and stunning good looks. @Rociocosplayer brings the character to life with her classic green costume and beret.

Chloe Price from Life is Strange

Here’s @shirocosplay pulling off Chloe Price from Life is Strange. The picture’s even taken by the iconic rail tracks with Rachel’s missing picture.

Zero Suit Samus from Metroid

Zero Suit Samus is rushing off to another mission, probably to freeze some Metroids. This details cosplay was brought to life by @YuneValentine.

A2 from Nier: Automata

A2’s looking ready for a fight, as @Ai_Chan92 busts out that Nier: Automata cosplay. You won’t want to mess with her and that huge sword, after all.

Madeline and Theo from Celeste

Theo and Madeline gear up for another mountaineering adventure in this cosplay (with a Strawberry, too). We have @Cyber6x as Theo and @cos_nowego_ as Madeline.

Dragonborn from Skyrim

@EvilCleverDog stormed into Bethesda HQ earlier this month as the mighty Dragonborn from Skyrim. Props to her full-coated armor and devastating blade.

Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII

Check out this nostalgic image of Final Fantasy VII’s flower girl roaming the streets of Midgar. @kiaraberrycos looks nothing short of beautiful as Aerith.

Riku from Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III is almost here, and what better way to build up the hype than with an epic Riku cosplay? @clow_shirow is rocking Riku’s new threads with a sword, too.

Ahri from League of Legends

Cosplayer @farbenfuchs adds a magical touch to Ahri from League of Legends in this impressive photoshoot. Those fluffy tails really do her justice.

Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4

Leon and Ada have been through hell and back and can still kick some major ass. Here’s @MickyWicky02 as Leon and @_Shiroki as Ada Wong.

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