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Meet the Voice Actors of Anthem’s Voice Cast

Anthem voice cast voice actors EA BioWare

Meet the Voice Actors of Anthem’s Voice Cast

Anthem is a sci-fi shooter RPG developed by EA’s BioWare team, which is also the team behind the Mass Effect series. This is great news because it means BioWare is right at home with this game.

For the uninitiated, Anthem is games-as-a-service game that sees player controlling either a male or female avatar to fly javelins around an Pandora-like (think Avatar) world. There are four javelins to choose from and each come with their own unique playstyle.

When you’re not flying around like Iron Man, you’ll be learning more about the lore and characters of Anthem. In BioWare fashion, Anthem’s voice cast is packed with great voice actors that are sure to anchor this experience down as one of this generation’s best narrative experiences.

Within the voice cast, you’ve got voice actors like Ray Chase and Kate Kennedy using their superb talent (that’s long been in the video game industry) to bring life to this world. They’re surrounded by a number of other great voice actors, too.

Kennedy is especially exciting because she’s served as not only the voice of many EA roles, but many EA BioWare ones too. While she hasn’t voiced many named roles in the EA BioWare wheelhouse, she has voiced a number of background roles.

Anthem is available for some on Feb. 15 and others on Feb. 22. That’s because the game has a number of early access options via EA subscription services.

More specifically, you can play Anthem early on Feb. 15 with Origin Premiere Access. With that membership, you can play Anthem in full. With the non-Premiere access, you can play the game’s first 10 hours.

If you can’t sign up for those services (looking at you PS4), you can play either the standard edition or the Legion of Dawn edition of Anthem when it releases to everybody on Feb. 22.

Sarah Elmaleh – Female Player

Sarah Elmaleh voices the female player in Anthem and accordingly, she doesn’t have a name in the game. That’s coincidentally fitting because she’s been in many video game roles that are also unnamed characters. She was the Hero Savior Female Sidekick in Uncharted 4, additional voices in Final Fantasy SV and the CDP Lightning Pilot in Black Ops III.

Beyond those roles, she hasn’t done too much, which makes her role as the female player in Anthem easily one of her largest.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Anthem.

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