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15 Amazing One Piece Cosplays Ready to Take Over the Grand Line


15 Amazing One Piece Cosplays Ready to Take Over the Grand Line

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One Piece has grown to be one of the most popular anime and manga series around, with its over-the-top action and crazily illustrated characters. Monkey D. Luffy and his merry band of pirates have captured the hearts of millions of fans as they make their way across seas and into worlds that they never knew could’ve existed. Of course, they meet plenty of other pirates along the way as thousands join the quest for the highly coveted One Piece.

The lively characters have been brought to life by talented cosplayers all over the globe. You can find a cosplay for any of the main characters, or even some of the villains that the heroes have run into over the years.

Perona by Calsarra

Portgas D. Ace by RedAceCosply

Jewelry Bonney by Giuzzys

Gladisu by Dr. Azer and Inazuma by ShahanaMikagi

Shanks by Storyscarecrow and Monkey D. Luffy by Lirlys. Photo credit: Lapirin

Franky by drwarumono. Photo credit: 0023libra

Eustass Kidd by John-MacGyver. Photo credit: Massimiliano Giomi

Bon Clay by shinobimarkee and Nefertiri Vivi by Loki Heart

Ceasar Clown by ShahanaMikagi

Straw Hat Pirates

Luffy by Yukichi, Nami by Shin, Zoro by Obake, Sanji by Rei0926, Usopp by Rila Muraki, Chopper by Souichirou, Robin by Momo1132, Franky by Matsuki, Brook by Touya. Photo credit: Romman

Crocodile by King-Bowser-Kooper

Lady Zoro by Charmkaster Cosplay

Donquixote Doflamingo by Evo Cosplay

Sogeking by SDraconis. Photo credit: JoLuffiroSauce

Boa Hancock by KaoriEtoile. Photo credit: Kiwira


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