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All the Things You Can Do in No Man’s Sky


All the Things You Can Do in No Man’s Sky

So much to do!

explore – When you land on a planet, spend some time getting to know it. Each planet is bound to be different from the last, and you just might stumble upon rare and valuable resources where you least expect it.

discover – Discovery is a big part of No Man’s Sky, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of discovering a new species of wildlife, or even an isolated base out in the middle of nowhere.

name animals – If you’re lucky enough to land on a planet with wildlife, make sure to name all the different types of animals you find.

name planets – Ever dreamed of having a planet named after you? Well, that dream can come true in No Man’s Sky. With 18 quintillion planets in the game, everyone has the chance to name something.

name plants – If you activate your visor, you can zoom in on the flora and fauna and analyze them. Then name them, of course.

shoot animals (if you want) – Once you’ve befriended an animal, and once it’s given you everything you need, just shoot it. There’s no PETA in space.

mine – Mining is a very huge part of No Man’s Sky, and if you come across mountains and blocks of gold, make sure you mine them so you can sell them off for huge sums of units.

feed animals – So you’re an animal lover? Well, be sure to run up to the docile wildlife and feed them with the elements they love. Some of them eat iron. It’s amazing.

use animals – Did you know that once you feed an animal, you’ll be able to befriend it? After that, it’ll poop or vomit out rare resources for you. Delightful.

Meet aliens – There are all sorts of different alien races in No Man’s Sky, and you’ll get to learn these languages word by word as you interact with them. If you don’t know the language, you could always fumble around, but just pray you don’t insult their moms by saying the wrong thing.

loot crashed ships – See a crashed ship in the sand? Don’t bother looking for the marooned pilot; he’s probably dead. Instead, take the stuff he left behind.

repair crashed ships and make them yours – If you’re hurting for a new ship but can’t afford one from the traders, keep an eye out for a crashed ship. You’ll need quite a few resources to repair it, but it might be worth your time.

become a pirate – Want to become a space menace? Why not take your ship for a spin and start attacking freighters to steal their valuable goods?

protect convoys – You can be a good guy too. If you see a large convoy or space freighter getting attacked by pirates, help the good guys out by shooting down the pirates.

sell your wares – Common resources in one system might be extra valuable in another. Always check the market average at each space station to find the best deal you can get for your stuff.

Get robbed by other pirates – Once you reach your second or third star system, you’ll start getting attacked by pirates because of all that valuable cargo you’re carrying around. Well, it happens to everyone.

Fly off of planets into space – Blasting off into the atmosphere is pretty amazing in No Man’s Sky. I recommend trying it every once in a while.

explore moons and asteroid belts – Planets aren’t the only things available for exploration. Make sure you don’t skip out on the moons and asteroid belts either.

shoot said asteroids – You can shoot the asteroids to mine minerals in space. You won’t get a lot of rare stuff, but it’s very efficient.

Meet god like entities – Ah yes, the Atlas. I won’t spoil anything, but suffice to say you’ll running into these omniscient entities at key points in the game.

swim – You can swim in No Man’s Sky. But even though your Exosuit looks awesome, you’ll still have to come up for breath every minute or so.

land your plane underwater – Try it. It can be quite the thrill.

learn new languages – The more you interact with aliens, the more of their language you’ll be able to learn. Pretty soon, you’ll start speaking very fluent Gek.

get into huge battles with robots – I don’t really recommend tangling with the Sentinels, but meh. Space fights with creepy robots can be fun too.

oh and reach the center of the universe – Oh right. This is kind of the point of the game.

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