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All 20 PlayStation Classic Games, Ranked From Worst to Best

PlayStation Classic

All 20 PlayStation Classic Games, Ranked From Worst to Best

PlayStation Classic Games Ranked

The PlayStation Classic is finally here, so it’s time to count down what we consider to be the best offerings on the novelty console.

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20. Destruction Derby

There are a lot of odd choices for this collection, and this most certainly is one of them. Destruction Derby isn’t a *bad* game, but it’s so average that many of you might have forgotten about it. The graphics are meh, you can’t customize your cars, and there is no split-screen multiplayer. There are way better driving games in this collection.

19. Intelligent Qube

This is one of those games that feels like a product of its time. I mean look at it – it’s a bizarre puzzle game with a weird abstract visual style. There isn’t too much negative to say about this one, but it’s another odd choice for the PlayStation Classic. It’s not one that comes to mind when you think of the PlayStation One.

18. Mr. Driller

Yet another game that has probably been forgotten – Mr. Driller is actually quite interesting and still holds up, visually. It’s a twist on the formula that Dig Dug made popular. However, I see this being a game that only a handful of people will play more than 30 minutes, just due to its learning curve and difficulty.

17. Battle Arena Toshinden

Recognized as one of the first examples of a 3D fighter, Battle Arena Toshinden is remembered fondly by many. It included some neat features, but the main issue is that it’s so sluggish and slow. It’s also one of the many games that just does not hold up as well, visually. Plus, there’s Tekken 3 in this collection, so you might want to just play that.

16. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

This is one of the better puzzle games included in the PlayStation Classic. It’s addictive, still looks great, and is easy to pick up and play, especially since it’s so similar to Tetris. It’s a little less accessible than Tetris, just due to it being a Street Fighter game, but you should still have fun with this one.

15. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

It’s cool to see where the series got its start, especially after the success of Rainbow Six Siege. However, the PlayStation version isn’t the best when compared to the PC counterpart. It’s still a fun game that mixes first-person shooting with tactical planning. This will be one to try, even if it isn’t the best version.

14. Rayman

Part of why Rayman holds up better than a lot of games on this list is because of that beautiful art style. Unlike a lot of the 3D games that haven’t aged well, Rayman’s art style is a bit more timeless and isn’t an eye-sore these days. And hey, the platforming and animations are pretty rad, too!

13. Grand Theft Auto

Back when Rockstar North was known as DMA Design Limited, they made a little game called Grand Theft Auto. I imagine they had no idea this would turn into a series with one of the entries being the most profitable piece of entertainment. It’s funny to look back on, because the original GTA looks almost nothing like what it does today. The original GTA won’t keep you around for long, but it’s worth playing, at least to see where the series started.

12. Cool Boarders 2

Many of us probably have fond memories of playing Cool Boarders 2 back in the day. That’s because it’s super fun. Sure, it may be silly and over the top, but there was something so approachable about the design of the game, even for people who have never stepped foot on a snowboard; And who can forget about that kickin’ soundtrack?!

11. Jumping Flash

What’s awesome about Jumping Flash is how it mixes being a 3D platformer and a shooter so well. It’s also wacky and cute – never taking itself too seriously. Beyond that, you get a great sense of freedom when playing in the more open levels, so the variety alone makes this worth playing.

10. Syphon Filter

There’s a lot that makes Syphon Filter so awesome. The levels are varied, the stealth worked well, and the story and dialogue was impressive for the time. You can see a ton of inspiration drawn from this when looking at more modern stealth or third-person shooters. This is definitely a must play on the PlayStation Classic.

9. Ridge Racer Type 4

It’s surprising to not see Gran Turismo on this list, but I’m totally okay with Ridge Racer Type 4 being in its place. This is arcade racing at its finest, at least for the time. You won’t need to worry about car specs or anything like that – Just jump in, race, and enjoy that excellent soundtrack.

8. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

Certainly one of the weirder games on the PlayStation Classic, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is a wonderful blend of smart puzzles and fun platforming. It also helps that the art direction makes this game look a lot nicer than many other games on this list. In short, Abe’s Oddysee is a bizarre game that’s still fun to play today, despite the steep learning curve.

7. Revelations: Persona

The PlayStation Classic is full of games that started fantastic series’, just like Revelations: Persona. This is a wonderful JRPG that will most probably take up a ton of your time. It’s also likely that you haven’t played this game, due to the hefty price tag (around $100.00 for just the disc!) So really, this is an affordable way to play the first game in such a beloved series.

6. Twisted Metal

Many wish this included the second Twisted Metal instead, but seeing where the series got its start is freaking awesome. Probably the most famous vehicular combat games ever, Twisted Metal was ambitious, at least for a game released in 1995. The iconic characters, the destruction on screen, the music – all of this made the series what it is today. Maybe we’ll get a new one soon!

5. Wild Arms

The PlayStation Classic is at its best when it gets weird – And not a lot is weirder than Wild Arms: A turn-based western themed JRPG set in a future Medieval world where you kill demons. This game looks great, blending 3D graphics during the battles, with 2D graphics while exploring the over world. Like many games on this list, you can see how Wild Arms has inspired many modern games of the same genre.

4. Tekken 3

Finally getting down a complicated button combo is one of the most satisfying things about Tekken 3. I’m sure you remember many sleepless nights playing local multiplayer with a friend and successfully pulling off combos with your favorite character. Tekken 3 is regarded as the best fighting game on the PlayStation by many, so it’s safe to say it deserves your attention.

3. Resident Evil Director’s Cut

I still remember being horrified while playing the original Resident Evil. The series has come a long way since then, but there’s still something about the first entry that keeps us coming back. Arguably the most popular survival horror series, Resident Evil owes its success to this early PlayStation game.

2. Final Fantasy VII

Even to this day, Final Fantasy VII is often referred to as not only one of the best RPGs of all time, but one of the greatest games of all time, period. At the time, this really showed what the PlayStation could do, giving players incredible graphics that where never before seen. Everything from the story, to the visuals, and the fun turn-based battle system where near-perfect and there’s a reason why it’s so adored.

1. Metal Gear Solid

It would be hard to imagine a PlayStation Classic without Metal Gear Solid. Some still call this the greatest game of all time – And there’s no denying the impact this had on the industry when it released. It taught us that not only could games have engaging stories, but that they could be wildly outlandish and strange.

There’s so much to love about this game, from the cinematics to the way it transcends the medium at times. Even if stealth games aren’t your thing, there’s no denying how important Metal Gear Solid is for the video game industry. Here’s how little the original costs.

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