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8 Game Franchises That Need a Live-Action Netflix Show

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8 Game Franchises That Need a Live-Action Netflix Show

8 Game Franchises that Need a Live-Action Netflix Show

Fallout – Game Franchises that Need a Live-Action Netflix Show

Fallout’s post-apocalyptic wasteland makes it the perfect choice for an anthology series. A number of impressive fan films, like Fallout: Revelation, have already shown the promise a live-action series holds.

Setting a live-action show in a brand new area not featured in the games would allow for some fresh storytelling, and the 50’s and 60’s aesthetic could make for something entirely different than the usual post-apocalyptic shows we see. There are countless stories and characters that can still be created in the Fallout universe.

Mass Effect – Game Franchises that Need a Live-Action Netflix Show

With Star Trek Discovery and a brand new Mandalorian Star Wars series on the way, now seems like the perfect time for sci-fi TV series. Out of all the sci-fi games deserving of a live-action adaption, Mass Effect is the most promising.
It’s diverse alien races and unique ideas like the Mass Relays separate it from other series. You don’t have to set things after the original trilogy either, as a perfect setting for a TV series would be the First Contact War between the Humans and the Turians.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Game Franchises that Need a Live-Action Netflix Show

Again, post-apocalyptic settings are nothing new to the realm of television, with series like The Walking Dead and The 100. Yet, Horizon Zero Dawn is something completely different. A post-apocalyptic land filled with beauty and vegetation, and inhabited by both humans and robotic dinosaurs.

Horizon could be brought to a stunning realization through live action, and the tribal civilizations of the game would be fascinating to see represented. Of course, also seeing giant robotic dinosaurs could be stunning. Whether it’s through film or TV, Horizon absolutely needs some kind of adaption.

Assassin’s Creed – Game Franchises that Need a Live-Action Netflix Show

Assassin’s Creed has already plunged into film territory, to very mixed results. However, a TV series feels like it would be much more fitting for the franchise. A series would let you fully explore a historical setting, much more than an hour and a half film could.
The series could also be segmented out perfectly, with multiple targets spanning different plotlines, or even an assassination target per episode. Assassin’s Creed is another one of those series that has limitless potential, no matter what form of media you use.

Wolfenstein – Game Franchises that Need a Live-Action Netflix Show

The 2018 film Overlord is probably the closest we’ve ever gotten to a live-action Wolfenstein, and it’s seen a fair share of good critical reception. It helps prove the point that a live-action Wolfenstein TV series would be a smash-hit idea. <br><br>
World War II is a period that works exceedingly well, aesthetically, in movies and TV. A Wolfenstein series should be bloody, brutal, violent, and come packed with plenty of drama. Luckily, though, you don’t have to portray the war on a large scale, as most Wolfenstein stories focus on smaller character-driven stories. Perfect for a focused Netflix series.

Fire Emblem – Game Franchises that Need a Live-Action Netflix Show

Believe it or not Fire Emblem has a lot in common with Game of Thrones. Magic, horrific beasts, warring states, political drama, battles, and more. A Fire Emblem live-action series could work wonders by drawing inspiration from Game of Thrones, just minus all the sex, of course.
As is series tradition, the show could focus on a deposed ruler fighting to take back their country from a militaristic empire, gathering allies and an army along their journey. Mixing in plenty of political intrigue along with action would make the series feel inherently Fire Emblem, while still appealing to a wider audience.

inFamous – Game Franchises that Need a Live-Action Netflix Show

Netflix’s Marvel shows have, for the most part, been a success, showing a darker, grittier version of superheroes than its MCU counterpart. That’s exactly what makes Netflix the perfect place for an original superhero series like inFamous.
Whereas Daredevil blurred the moral lines between the hero and the villain, an inFamous series could do that with just one character, illustrating the good and evil tendencies of Cole Mcgrath, or a new hero.The way inFamous plays with morality and how that affects powers is interesting, and Netflix has already shown they have a knack for adapting the superhero genre.

Detroit: Become Human – Game Franchises that Need a Live-Action Netflix Show

Detroit: Become Human hit quite a few stumbling blocks in its storytelling, but what it did do is establish a fascinating world. Not all of the three character stories in the game are interesting, but it is intriguing to explore the world and see the delicate balance of power between androids and humans.

A live-action TV series could explore this world even more with new stories and characters, really zeroing in on the dangers of technology and themes of a semi-dystopian future. Again, this is something Netflix already has experience with because of shows like Altered Carbon and Dark Mirror, making it the perfect place for an adaption like Detroit.

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