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Top 50 Best Nintendo 3DS Games of All Time


Top 50 Best Nintendo 3DS Games of All Time

Did you just pick up a shiny new Nintendo 3DS? Don’t know what to play on it? Worry not, Twinfinite has you covered! Take a look at the 50 best games on Nintendo’s mighty little handheld. These will keep you on the go for awhile! From RPGs to rhythms games, Nintendo’s powerhouse of a handheld has quite the library. You’ll never run out of games to play with this handy guide. And somewhere along the way, you might run into a game that really captures your heart, and your free time. Did your favorite game not make the list? Please let us know in the comment section below.

Link Between Worlds is a direct sequel to the beloved SNES classic, Link to the Past.

A definitive 3D Mario game on the 3DS where 3D actually works well!

Relive the N64 classic on the go.

Fire Emblem’s first foray onto the 3DS made it the go-to strategy game for fans looking to for a challenge on the road.

Satisfy your desire to collect ridiculous amounts of furniture and pay off your lifelong debts.

A return to classic JRPG goodness with a complex job system and epic adventure.

Now you can have a civilized method of solving disagreements with friends.

Grind for materials to make weapons to fight stronger monsters so that you can grind for even stronger weapons. Harrowing action game with deep RPG mechanics.

Racing goodness can now be taken on any trip!

Play this revolutionary masterpiece anywhere you desire!

A Pokemon game that manages to reinvent the franchise.

A fresh take on an old friend. Frantic action that’s cinematic and funny.

Like Ocarina of Time 3D, another beautiful recreation of a classic N64 game.

An addicting eShop puzzle game.

A franchise that hearken backs to classic Castlevania and Metroid action-platforming.

Relive these Gameboy Advance classics on the 3DS with updated visuals.

An old school dungeon-crawler mixed with Persona personality – all the fan-favorite characters are back!

A charming breath of fresh in the “collect them all” genre.

A delightful eShop platformer with a surprising amount of depth.

A brutal platformer available on the eShop.

An old-school, hardcore RPG that is as rewarding as it is punishing.

Farm your food, woo your spouse, and fight monsters in this fantasy life simulator.

Classic Sonic goodness reimagined on the 3DS.

A charming visual novel-esque adventure reminiscent of Studio Ghibli.

Classic table-top RPG in the palm of your hand complete with dice.

eShop follow-up to the puzzle classic, Pushmo.

Pinnacle of the handheld “new” Mario games that encourages players to play quickly.

An intense Metroid-vania side-scrolling platformer with deep mechanics.

A thrilling visual novel that’ll make you second guess everything!

The continuing adventures of Professor Layton is a fun visual novel/puzzler.

Old-School RPG with hellish difficulty and a cool, but often random, means of recruiting enemy demons to fight alongside you.

A deep Mario RPG with memorable characters and hilarious writing.

An action puzzle game packed full of charm starring our favorite green plumber.

All the classic strategy you’ve come to expect from this franchise – now with more family issues, backstabbings, and betrayals.

A retro-style platformer on the eShop.

A fantasy life simulator that allows you to play the game you want! Hunt, fish, and crawl through dungeons ’till you explode with loot.

Equal parts Animal Crossing, Sims, and that paper-folding game you played in school that told you the future.

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