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5 Things Horizon Zero Dawn’s New Footage Taught Us

horizon zero dawn

5 Things Horizon Zero Dawn’s New Footage Taught Us

It’s important to learn.

It was already known that Horizon Zero Dawn would allow you to take control of some of the machines that roam around the planet. Thanks to the footage at the PlayStation Event, we now know how that’ll be going down, at least for the larger machines. In the trailer, Aloy climbs the creature’s large body to get to its head and work her magic on it. It’s likely that for more aggressive machines, they won’t let you climb them without a fight.

This is a minor thing when compared to everything else shown from Horizon, but it’s still worth talking about. At the start of the trailer, Aloy rides down a zipline past a herd of machines, and she does it using only her hands. Not her bow, which is more than likely pretty sturdy enough to handle it, but her own hands. Is SHE part machine?

It’s briefly shown at the start of the new footage, but Aloy is wearing a feathered headdress. In previous footage, she never wore it before. Could Horizon Zero Dawn also be letting you customize your look? We may not know at the moment (it could very well get destroyed during a story mission), but it’s still something to consider.

Controlling mechanical beasts sounds pretty cool, and now we have an idea of just how to do that. After Aloy climbs the big ones, she has to use her spear to jam into their “brains” and pull off a little minigame that turns their orange brains blue. Once they go blue, she just rappels down the ground.

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