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5 Things We Learned from Mass Effect Andromeda’s New Footage

mass effect andromeda

5 Things We Learned from Mass Effect Andromeda’s New Footage

So, so awesome.

Bioware’s been keeping a lid on the story stuff for Mass Effect Andromeda. Thus far, all we know is that Ryder’s in a whole new galaxy, and some alien tech is bursting from the ground. The new footage seems to indicate that the tech is connected to alien Vaults that are stored around the Andromeda galaxy, dormant and waiting to be activated.

A big thing in the Mass Effect universe is the voice of who you’re playing. In the first set of games, Shepard was voiced by Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale, depending on your gender. With this new footage, we now know what will be voicing at least one version of Ryder: Nolan North.

One of the big new things when Mass Effect Andromeda was first revealed was the jet pack. It’d certainly help make getting around a heckuva lot easier, and the footage today pretty much confirms it, showing that you’ll get to use it for short bursts. At least, at first. Here’s hoping that it, like your weapons and gear, will be able to be upgraded as well.

The first trilogy of Mass Effect games always stuck you with two squad mates at your side. Taking a cue from Dragon Age, it appears that Mass Effect Andromeda will add an extra mate to your party, allowing for an extra gun and hand when things get bad. It’s always good to have a helping hand.

Now, here’s something cool. In the sequels, you were able to hit a button to scan for weapon and tech upgrades. Andromeda takes things further by allowing you to scan the environment completely, with new data that’ll be offered to you in real time. Wonder if this also extends to enemies…


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