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5 Historical Warriors For Honor Should Definitely Include


5 Historical Warriors For Honor Should Definitely Include

You can never stop at three.

Ubisoft’s For Honor is a hack and slash game that pits three factions against each other, all of whom represent a different era of history. There’s the Legion (knight), Chosen (samurai), and the Warborn (Viking). There’s undoubtedly going to be more factions added down the line, which is why we’ve gone ahead and come up with some.

The current cast of Ubisoft’s upcoming hack-and-slash title is full of grim, burly men. Some levity is needed, and is there anyone full of more levity than a pirate? These filthy degenerates live for thrills and fun, and their swords would ensure that they face danger with a smile…and maybe some grog.

The release of Far Cry Primal earlier this year proved that the cavemen can be fun, so why not put one in For Honor? Whereas the other factions are smart, this one could just basically run on complete blind instinct and fury to take down his enemies. Plus, admit it: you’ve always wanted to see a caveman bash a samurai’s skull in with his club.

The soldiers of the Great War went through hell, and their experience would make them a powerful force here on a new battlefield. German soldiers practiced using their bayonets, and French infantrymen had no qualms about charging towards their enemies, blades out. Or, you can do like Battlefield 1 and whack dudes with shovels.

If For Honor is going back to the past, it should go forward to the future as well. Current warfare may not have a lot to offer in terms of weapons that would suit a hack and slash, but the far future would be pretty cool. Not just laser swords, but shock staffs and who knows what else. Let’s see a viking axe stand up to THAT.

The Aztecs had their fair share of ranged weapons to be sure, but they were no slouch in the melee department, either. Enter: the Macuahuitl, a wooden sword with obsidian blades embedded in the sides. It’s said to be sharp enough to decapitate a man, and even a horse with just a single swing. Imagine stomping around the battlefield lugging that thing around.

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