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30 of the Worst Video Game Names That Make No Sense


30 of the Worst Video Game Names That Make No Sense

Not a great first impression.

There are very few titles that make less sense than Infinite Undiscovery. First of all, what does that even have to do with your game, and second what does it mean. Undiscovery isn’t even a word, but if it was how could it be infinite?

El Shaddai is actually Hebrew and one of the names of the God of Israel, also generally translated into God Almighty. The video game is rife with religious tones and references, and is even inspired by the ancient Jewish religious work known as the Book of Enoch. Of course unless you really dive into learning all of this you have no idea what this game title means. It’s as confusing as the game’s story itself.

Kingdom Hearts is certainly known for having some questionable titles, but the next entry in the series takes the cake. Let’s get the fact out of the way that this is Kingdom Hearts 2.8 which is bad enough, but Final Chapter Prologue? So it’s the prologue to the final part of the Kingdom Hearts series? Let’s not forget the games that are included in this package too, Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage – and Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover. Sigh.

Danganronpa is a long and confusing title already, but boy does this one make it worse. If you don’t know anything about the game, what do you think another episode exactly is? A prequel? A spinoff? A sequel? Who knows, and just what the heck does Ultra Despair Girls mean?

WinBack is a really bad sounding name, one that just doesn’t roll of the tongue at all. It’s hard to say if they were going for some abstract name here, or merely just combing the words win and back to try something fun. We sincerely hope it’s the former.

You know what almost never works? Putting a number directly in your sequels title. Yeah, naming the new Fantastic Four movie Fant4stic looked dumb, and naming the third F.E.A.R game F.3.A.R isn’t much better.

Superhot is a name you’re going to hear a lot in the is games, especially because sections of the game repeat it over and over. The more you hear it the more you’ll start to think, just what does Superhot really mean? Why is it one word and not two? We may never know.

You can put this one in two categories, titles that don’t make sense and titles that you don’t know how to pronounce. This popular RPG series features some hilarious writing, with Demon forces usually having to work with their angelic counterparts. The name though, feels as awkward as you do saying it.

he Zero Escape games are filled with dramatic stories and fantastic characters. As weird as 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors may be, at least that title made sense with the game. Virtue’s Last Reward not so much. There’s a crazy story about time travel and alternate timelines, but nothing in the game really has anything to do with “Virtue’s Last Reward.” So what does?

Space Station Silicon Valley is an incredibly strange game. You take control of Evo – a robot who becomes a tiny microchip because of a crash. To survive you have to take control of animals in various environments and solve puzzles, beat enemies and more to advance. The thing is, the game actually takes place on a space station…. called Silicon Valley. It still begs the question, why?

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