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15 Incredible Details in this Generation’s Biggest Games


15 Incredible Details in this Generation’s Biggest Games

15 tiny details across this generation’s biggest games that are totally awesome.

What an amazing time we live in when graphical engines such as Horizon Zero Dawn’s Decima engine renders small colonies of ants on vegetation. It is a graphical detail one might not even notice, but similarly to its entrancing bird flocks, these realistic details add to immersion and help to build a more believable world.

Thanks to the Fox Engine, Metal Gear Solid V’s character models are animated in fantastic detail. Have you noticed when cycling through the iDROID’s menus using its analogue stick, the movements of Boss’s thumbs perfectly mimic your own? Seriously, try and catch it out!

The impressive facial animations in GTAV often go unnoticed, especially in one particular sequence. On the way to heists, the NPCs sitting in the back seat will act out their roles, lipsynching dialogue. This is only visible when switching to the rear view angle.

Infamous Second Son was one of PS4’s early exclusive games, but 3 years on and it still remains one of the prettiest. Delsin Rowe’s beanie is comprised of 7,500 triangles to animate realistic geometry. You can see the weave of each strand of material in close-up cutscenes.

In the Sims 4, when a child sim sees a monster under their bed and you have them selected, you can see its tentacles reaching from under the bed but when you switch to an adult sim there’s nothing there.

Battlefield 1 boasts some extremely realistic graphics. Weather effects, dazzling explosions, and lifelike character animations make for an immersive war simulator. It is, however, tiny details like the the manufactorers mark and weapon date branded on certain rifles that really take things to the next level.

Uncharted 4 is one gorgeous video game and there’s plenty of standout details to choose from. One you may not have even noticed, however, is the way in which sunlight realitically changes the color of Nathan Drake’s ear. On certain angles, bright light will turn his ear paler, almost translucent, as it would in real life.

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