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25 Games That Would Look Breathtaking on PS4 Pro


25 Games That Would Look Breathtaking on PS4 Pro

So, so gorgeous.

Street Fighter V pops vibrantly with expression in every single frame. With forward compatibility and the PS4 Pro, the colors would pop even better, and with the game still being exclusive to the PS4, it would provide plenty of incentive for people obsessed with graphics and tech to pick up Sony’s system.

Nothing more needs to be said about CDPR’s fantasy series. There’s a wide variety of colors and views on display across the base game and two pieces of DLC. There’d be nothing to lose if it got forward compatibility to look better, especially when visiting the fairy tale world of Toussaint in Blood and Wine.

Okay, so the game is admittedly not all that hot. But if nothing else, it shows how far gaming has come in terms of graphics and cinematic experiences, and it simply deserves to be played and seen in full glory.

Racing sims are some of the most beautiful looking games out there right now. Just the detail in the wheels, the paint job, and the crowd makes Need for Speed one of the best of its kind. Now imagine it on the PS4 Pro…and quit drooling.

Dark Souls III’s gothic horror vibe makes for one of the best looking games of the year. It’s hard to imagine it looking any greater than it already does. And yet…we want it to with the PS4 Pro.

Hideo Kojima’s final time with Solid Snake and company made for one of the best games last year. It deserves to be played at the best quality possible, and that includes at 4K.

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