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25 of the Best Gaming Mascots, Ranked By How Iconic They Are

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25 of the Best Gaming Mascots, Ranked By How Iconic They Are

Best of the best.

He’s one of the oldest game characters around, and also one of the most hard working. Don’t think he’s just been a guest star in Smash Bros, because his Championship Edition games still retain the classic and addictive gameplay he’s known for.

Man. Soldier. God. Godkiller. Kratos is all of these things, but more than anything else, he is pure and unbridled rage. As he says himself, death is his calling, and if there’s one thing nearly 10 games have taught us, it’s that he’s very good at killing anything and anyone in his path. Nintendo’s sci-fi bounty hunter may have seen rough times in recent years, but she can still hack it with the best of them. Even though she loses her powers with each new game, she still has plenty of it, and Metroid Prime 2 still serves as one of the best first person shooters to ever grace the medium. Plenty of game characters are quiet and let their actions speak louder than words, and Freeman is one of them. Whether it’s with his trusty Gravity Gun or a crowbar, the man gets his point across by saving the world time and time again from those mysterious men…

What more can be said about someone like Sonic the Hedgehog? Yes, he too has fallen on bad times as of late, but his (and SEGA’s) perseverance is weirdly endearing, and if nothing else, he has one of the best social media people on Twitter.

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