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15 Most Anticipated PS4 Games Still to Come in 2017

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15 Most Anticipated PS4 Games Still to Come in 2017

More greatness awaits in 2017.

Sony and the PS4 have had a phenomenal first half of 2017 full of solid exclusives and major third-party support. But the year isn’t over, so we’re taking a look at some of the biggest games for the PS4 that you need to have on your radar.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Aug. 8 Ninja Theory is known for mixing solid stories with stellar action, and this time it looks like they’re trying to outdo themselves on both fronts. Hellblade will journey into the psychosis of Senua as she fights her personal demons while trying to make sense of what’s real and what isn’t. Based on Norse mythology, everything we’ve seen so far is brutally beautiful and it’s sure to be an experience to remember if the studio’s previous projects are anything to go by.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – Aug. 11 (PS4) Final Fantasy XII may not have been the best received entry in the series its first time around, but now Square Enix is bringing a previously Japan-exclusive version to the masses on PS4. The Zodiac Age adds more control over jobs and customization and new ways to enhance your strategy, as well as a lot of other improvements. There’s no better time to return to the land of Ivalice than now.

Agents of Mayhem – Aug. 15 Saints Row is still alive, just in a different universe with new corporations and evil entities running amok. After Gat changing everything at the end of Gat out of Hell, a new form of the Saints, called MAYHEM (they love purple and the Saints fleur de lis) you’ll control teams of three powered agents who each bring something unique to the table, opening up the action to tons of customization and strategy options. It’s not the same as Saints Row, but you’ll definitely start feeling at home once all the enemies and explosions start filling your screen.

Sonic Mania – Aug. 15 Us Sonic fans are tired of the cycle we’ve found ourselves in. A cycle of hype for a new game only to have our dreams dash against a sharp Chaos Emerald as Dr. Eggman laughs in the background. Sonic Mania looks like a legitimate attempt to break that harrowing series of events by taking the series back to its beloved roots providing gorgeous artwork, a solid soundtrack, and some of the best fast-paced platforming we’ve seen in a very long time. The Blue Blur is back.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Aug. 22 Naughty Dog isn’t done with Uncharted just yet. If you couldn’t get enough of Uncharted 4, the critically acclaimed studio is releasing a standalone expansion that puts players into the shoes of Chloe and Nadine as they look for the Tusk of Ganesh. If you’re a fan of Chloe, you’ll definitely want to tune in as we’ll finally start learning a lot more about her which is sure to be interesting. Of course, this highly anticipated release is exclusive to the PS4.

Yakuza Kiwami – Aug. 29 Yakuza is back on the rise and it is getting a lot of love over here on the western side of the world. Yakuza 0 introduced fans to a younger Kazuma and Goro as we got a look at their origins. Kiwami is set to bring the very first game to the PS4 fully remade for the current generation with new features and improvements. This isn’t just a prettier version either, new features such as Goro having more of a presence (which is done in random, hilarious fashion), new story bits to tie everything together, and improved action, and new mini-games are sure to see players getting lost in Japan just like they did back in 2006.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm – Aug. 31 If there is one thing that made Life Is Strange something that players immediately hooked onto, it was its characters. Sure, time travel is cool, but fans couldn’t help but find themselves pulled into the world and plight of Max. One other interesting character in that game was Chloe, and with Before the Storm, a prequel heading to PS4 later this year, players will be able to dive deeper into who she is years before Max was forced to choose between the town and her friend.

Destiny 2 – Sept. 6 Players will be able to forge new legends in Destiny 2, the sequel to Bungie’s massive shared-world shooter. After a new threat destroys the Tower and robs Guardians of their light, it’s time to once again rise up and protect humanity. New powers, new guns, new spaces to explore, and some exclusive content only on PS4 makes this a game to definitely keep on your radar this fall.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War – Oct. 10 The nemesis system made Shadow of Mordor a huge success, but for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, it’s getting even better. Players will be able to not only recruit enemy forces, but also bring them along as bodyguards and build entire armies to take over the lands of Middle-Earth. Add to that some new combat abilities, tougher challenges, and a more lively world and you have another potential game of the year from this series. Oh, and if you have a PS4 Pro, the game will look even sweeter.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Oct. 13 The PS4 is home to many stellar RPGs and it’s getting ready to add yet another to its growing library. South Park: The Fractured But Whole looks to create magic once again with the Colorado kids, only this time they’re super heroes and villains instead of wizards and knights. The gameplay takes on a more strategic dynamic as well with placement of heroes being important. You can expect some deep gameplay and endless laughs when it hits PS4 this Fall.

Assassin’s Creed Origins – Oct. 27 Assassin’s Creed is fully embracing its Action-RPG elements for Origins, switching up the combat, adding in a large skill tree and crafting, and increasing difficulty. After a much-needed break from the franchise’s annual releases, Origins feels like a breath of fresh air that’s mixing this more refined RPG direction with the best elements of its predecessors. It’s time to get fitted for some new hidden blades and make the trek over to Egypt.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – Oct. 27 If you thought Wolfenstein: The New Order was intense, you should definitely keep its upcoming sequel, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, on your radar. Bigger guns, tougher enemies, and more mayhem await as players continue to bring the fight against the Nazis.

Call of Duty: WWII – Nov. 3 Call of Duty is finally going back to its roots after years of fans pleading for some boots to the ground action. Sledgehammer Games is bringing Call of Duty: WWII to the last great war, but adding a more personal touch to its story, letting players experience real life events right on the battlefield. Oh, and for those only interested in multiplayer, new features and bigger battles await, as does a brand new Nazi Zombie mode.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – Nov. 10 Level-5’s Ni No Kuni returns with yet another beautiful experience with an entirely new cast of characters as well as some new mechanics. Players will not only head out into the world to battle foes and increase their power, but this time around will also be able to build their very own kingdom as Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum, the game’s protagonist, fights to reclaim his throne.

Star Wars Battlefront II – Nov. 17 Star Wars Battlefront was fun, but it was undeniably lacking. Unless you liked battling other players in a few modes, there was really nothing else to do, but the upcoming sequel aims to answer to all its predecessor’s shortcomings with a full single-player mode, new characters, and even bigger battles.

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