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The 15 Best Walking Dead Gifts for Ultimate Fans


The 15 Best Walking Dead Gifts for Ultimate Fans

Make sure your holidays are more cheerful than the Grimes’.

If whoever you’re buying for is a fan of the TV show but hasn’t delved into the novels yet, give them a taste for it by picking the one that started it all. The classic graphic novel, <a href=”″>Days Gone By</a> can be had very easily.

There’s a whole world of awesome fan-made collectibles from vendors at Search The Walking Dead and go buck wild with stuff like t-shirts, jewelry, knitted items, etc.

Looking for something more collectible/extensive? Consider picking up <a href=””>some of the various compendiums</a> which a bunch of comics in one hardcover package.

Or better known as the one that has the zombie head aquarium included. Whether or not you like or need season 3 of the show, <a href=”;AFID=google_pla_df&amp;CPNG=PLA_Entertainment+Shopping&amp;adgroup=SC_Entertainment&amp;LID=700000001170770pgs&amp;network=g&amp;device=c&amp;location=9004728&amp;gclid=CjwKEAiAjcDBBRCJxouz9fWHynwSJADaJg9Bjlvw_lSUwFzk_sXMejVOaCYOut2tP3VZUrBh4ee25RoC0p_w_wcB&amp;gclsrc=aw.ds”> this is a pretty sweet collectible</a>.

Everyone loves Funko’s adorable collectibles right? Well maybe not everyone but if your loved one does, <a href=””>there’s a bunch of cute collectibles</a> out there to peruse from The Walking Dead.

Telltale’s critically acclaimed Walking Dead adventure games are perfect games for fan of gaming that wants to immersive themselves in the world and make heart wrenching choices that affect how the story plays out. Just keep in mind these games are very low action and more story based.

Finally, pick up some of the best looking, most detailed (and affordable) figurines out there <a href=””>via McFarlane Toys</a>.

While the game itself might be free, if you have a friend who’s addicted to TWD’s official mobile game, treat them to a big iTunes gift card that they can use on in-app purchases.

Love the sounds and music from The Walking Dead TV show? The official <a href=””>soundtracks</a> can be had pretty inexpensively.

Love Monopoly? Love The Walking Dead? Well <a href=””>then The Walking Dead Monopoly Game</a> makes a whole lot of sense under those circumstances. Visit and purchase your favorite locales from the series.

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