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20 Marvel Gift Ideas for That True Believer in Your Life


20 Marvel Gift Ideas for That True Believer in Your Life

‘Nuff said.

The third season of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first shot into television builds upon the excellent foundation of season two with more action, more intrigue, and more fun. With a creepy ensemble of villains and strong performances, the spy series shows how far its come in the days since season one. While Captain America cleans up the spy game on the big screen, Peggy Carter does her own espionage work on TV. Taking her to LA in 1947 allows the show to get in some good jabs at Tinseltown, along with more world building for both the title character and larger MCU.

The Marvel comics have had cosmic threat after cosmic threat pile up over the years, and that means you need a team to handle them. Enter The Ultimates, comprised of the smartest minds and most cosmic heroes to deal with problems head on in ways that go beyond punching. With trippy visuals and an engaging story, it makes for one of the best comics put out by the publisher. If you find yourself wanting more Black Panther goodness after his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, you won’t be disappointed here. The King of Wakanda hasn’t been doing right by his people as of late, prompting an uprising on two fronts that requires him to think about how he handles the royal throne, and maybe call in some backup when needed.

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