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20 Game Characters Who Make Fashion a High Priority


20 Game Characters Who Make Fashion a High Priority

Makin’ it work.

The most important part of a game’s story is its villain, and in that regard, Pagan far outshined the title he was constrained to. Part of why was his hot pink jacket and pants combo that should look ridiculous (and kinda does), but he makes it work. And if you disagree, well, hope you like that new hole in your neck. The lead of the stylish action game characters franchise knows his way around blades, guns, and all sorts of weaponry, and he also has a pretty good fashion motif. Red and black highlight the “devil” part of his title, and the helps bring together the B-movie vibe the series has gone for.

Yeah, yeah, too many belts and zippers may not exactly scream fashion, especially for our young, wide eyed protagonist. But he has gotten better about it with each subsequent game, and credit to him for always dressing to the occasion when he goes to a new world. Bayonetta’s fashion comes from her head–quite literally, since her clothes are made from her hair. She’s not the type of woman to stick to one style for long, and it definitely shows in both her titles. She’s always going to be changing up her style, and that’s why she’s got the best fashion sense of any gaming character around.

The rookie cop turned federal agent admittedly looks more like he belongs in a boy band than a zombie apocalypse. But that’s actually why he’s one of the best dressed characters in the series: he has those typical pretty boy good looks that means he always looks great, even when he’s running for his life. Lara’s seen many redesigns, like plenty of other game characters. But one thing that’s never changed with each one is her fashion sense and ability to dress properly for the situation. Sure, she’s concerned about the treasure or surviving, but that doesn’t mean you need to catch pneumonia while out in the Siberian cold.

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