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20 Anime Expo Cosplay You Can’t Tell Apart from the Original

Anime Expo 2018, cosplay

20 Anime Expo Cosplay You Can’t Tell Apart from the Original

This Chihiro and Haku cosplay are swooping in to pay a visit to the Anime Expo.

@rhensgay can’t stop twinkling in this Yuga Aoyama cosplay. Got to give ‘em props for nailing that hero name scene!

@StellaChuuuuu is rocking Ann Takamaki with that gorgeous leather suit and naughty whip. Photo by @DTJAAAAM.

Did somebody steal your sweet roll at Anime Expo 2018? These Skyrim guards are on the case.

Talk about a blast from the past. The Final Fantasy 7 crew marched into Anime Expo 2018 in all their polygonal glory.

@LaydiexSkull is showing some Berserk love with her gorgeously detailed Casca armor cosplay. Those metal plates and shining sword look absolutely combat ready.

Recovery Girl from Boku no Hero Academia drops by the Anime Expo. Old or young, cosplay will always be cosplay.

Say what you want, but Gundam never goes out of style. This detailed cosplay braved through the Anime Expo with weapons in hand.

Another Boku no Hero Academia rep, we have Shigaraki looming in the corners of Anime Expo 2018. You gotta hand it to this cosplayer for the effort that went into attaching those accessories.

@EmilyRexZ graces Anime Expo 2018 with her stunning Breath of the Wild Zelda costume. That flowing, blue gown with those intricate Hyrulian patterns definitely deserves a spot on this list.

@xxFruitcakexx and her friends (@Predalien64, @Day_the_mole, and Glitterbender) are hyping up Code Vein with these Anime Expo cosplays.

@RageGearProps and his friend are ready to go Plus Ultra as Deku and Kirishima. Totally nailed it with those hardened arms, by the way.

Mercy on call! Check out @aristargirl’s take on Zhuque Mercy with her radiant red robes and vibrant wings. Photo by @DTJAAAAM.

@TNKerbell813 is showing ARMS some love with this colorful Min Min cosplay. Min Min’s looking ready to kick some butt on the battlefield with that ramram and dragon.

Elastagirl is back and better than ever in a stylish new costume, cosplayed by @SinastriCosplay. The suit just emanates sleek sophistication. Photo by @DTJAAAAM.

@atashi00 dives into Anime Expo 2018 with this cute Karen cosplay from SAO. Her dainty pink uniform and that deadly gun fall perfectly in line with everyone’s favorite sharpshooter from ALO. Photo by @ABlackSwordsman.

2B and A2 are looking ready to bust some stubbies at the Anime Expo with their huge swords and classy clothes. Photo by @JohnJiao.

Angemon is ready to spread her wings and fly at Anime Expo 2018. The attention to detail in this costume, particularly the wings, are nothing short of angelic. Cosplay by @Hanari502 and photo by @JohnJiao.

Overwatch’s speedy boi zoomed by the event with this fantastic Lucio cosplay by @game2hype. We’re living for those dreadlocks. Photo by @thesleepymuse.

Prince Noctis (@CosplayRoc) and Lady Lunafreya (@MissOdango) still look fresh AF after braving through the crowds at Anime Expo 2018. Plus points to Noctis for having such snazzy armor and Lunafreya for carrying around that wicked spear. Photo by @DTJAAAAM.

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