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20 Announcements We Could See at the Nintendo Switch Event

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20 Announcements We Could See at the Nintendo Switch Event

So many possibilities.

Nintendo Switch is Under $350

The Nintendo Switch is set to launch between a powered up PS4 and Microsoft’s own Project Scorpio so pricing is going to be a key factor in their its success. You can safely expect an announcement regarding a price that is at or under the $350 price point.

There Will be Two Nintendo Switch SKUs

Nintendo seems to love releasing two versions of one console at the same time. This is usually to promote choice and often centers around the amount of internal memory available. So get ready for a regular ol’ Switch and one with a lot more space.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in Fact a Launch Title

There’s been a lot of mumbling going around regarding Nintendo’s next big first-party title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Many are unsure if it will be available day one, but chances are that it will be after its long development cycle and delay into this year.

New Online Network to Promote Esports

During the first look of the Nitnendo Switch, you could see players getting ready for an esports event. That means the company is possibly getting ready to support competitive content which will require a strong online network.

“Pro” Controller for the Switch

The Joy-Con controllers are cute, sure, but they look a bit small and sort of flimsy. For a more conventional gaming experience some may want a more conventional controller, something the company realized with the Wii U.

New Super Mario game (sidescroller) launching with console, and one big Mario game (along the lines of Galaxy or Sunshine) revealed for the near future.

Mario will be expected at the event by many fans. After all, what’s a Nintendo Console without the mustachioed icon. Chances are that we’ll get a new side-scroller in the vein of New Super Mario Bros. But Nintendo will also show something bigger like… Super Mario Sunshine 2 to get fans excited.

Metroid in some form of fashion (they have to, right?)

Okay, fans have been quite patient for a long time. And for their efforts they got Federation Force. Nintendo knows that it can’t keep ignoring fans of Samus Aran, the Switch will house her next adventure.

“remasters” of some Wii U hits like Smash, Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2 (trailer showed familiar games with slight changes so highly possible).

During the first reveal of the Switch we saw footage of what looked like an altered version of Mario Kart, and after thinking about it, it would make sense that remasters of major games would make their way over to the Switch. Games that have the potential to bring in a bigger audience are Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2, and Smash. Expect one or more of those to be announced.

My Nintendo is achievement system

Xbox has Achievements, PlayStation has Trophies, and Nintendo has… well, nothing. But that’s going to change with the Switch. My Nintendo will become an integral part of the upcoming network to provide rewards that can be shown off to other players, because who doesn’t love to brag?

GameCube Virtual Console

The GameCube is often looked over, but it gave us some of the best games we’ve ever had on a Nintendo console. If the Switch brought new games and the ability to pay the greatest GCN games ever released, then it would be a perfect console. With the Wii U stopping just before its almost-cubed predecessor, expect the Switch to pick up where it left off.

Some Pokemon Project

Just because it’s 2017 doesn’t mean it’s time to move on from Pokemon. While we don’t expect a fully fledged Pokemon RPG like Sun or Moon, it’s almost guaranteed that there is some sort of Pokemon announcement on the horizon. Whether it’s a new Pokemon Stadium or Pokemon Snap Switch, get ready for some adorable companions.

Beyond Good and Evil (but not exclusive)

Beyond Good and Evil is a long awaited title from Ubisoft that everyone’s been eagerly awaiting details on. Nintendo and Ubisoft have a very good relationship (the publisher was one of the few who didn’t forsake the Wii U). Beyond Good and Evil on the Switch stage would be a huge show of faith and definitely thrust the console into the limelight. However, Ubisoft would be crazy to make it an exclusive. Maybe a bit of timed exclusivity is in the cards.


Skyrim was front and center in the Switch reveal but Bethesda was quick to say that it wasn’t a confirmed title. It’s probably because they didn’t want to commit to bringing the Special Edition over, but even a standard one would at least gauge interest on the platform.

Hyrule Warriors sequel

Hyrule Warriors was ported over to the 3DS in 2016, but it’s time for a sequel. And, with the whole Legend of Zelda anniversary going on, it’s a perfect move to provide more titles to play in 2017.


Ever since Sega stopped making consoles, Nintendo hardware has become Sonic’s main home, with PlayStation’s and Xbox’s serving as family cabins in the woods. If there’s a new console to be released, the blue blur is definitely going to be there.

Final Fantasy Something

No, you’re not going to see FFXV. They really pushed the limits of the PS4 and Xbox One for that game, so it won’t be so easily ported. However, there are plenty of other titles that can be ported, or perhaps even a new entry in Crystal Chronicles, the split controllers would definitely make multiplayer much easier.


Captain Falcon’s original game hasn’t gotten any love in a long time. But with the Switch being a chance for redemption, chances are that forgotten series will make a resurgence, including this challenging, futuristic racer.


The Legend of Zelda isn’t the only classic franchise celebrating an anniversary. Kirby, the adorable puffball who absorbs the powers of his enemies (it’s much darker than it appears) is celebrating 25 years of killing baddies with their own abilities. If no Kirby game is announced, someone at Nintendo is doing something wrong.

Animal Crossing

If there’s any series that is perfect for the whole going from home to on-the-go, it’s Animal Crossing. Imagine this, you build your house and help around your village, then you take your house over to a friends house where they can help you tend to your garden and whatnot. Plus, it’s one of Nintendo’s largest properties right now.

Nintendo/Square Enix Crossover

Okay, so this one is probably the least likely, but 100% possible. Square Enix and Nintendo weren’t on the best of terms ever since Final Fantasy VII went over to the PS1 instead of the N64. But they’ve been rebuilding ever since and fans still fondly remember Super Mario RPG, a crossover of Mario characters and Final Fantasy gameplay. Time to take it to the next level with a game that combines both worlds completely, sort of like Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, only with gaming’s biggest characters in history.

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