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15 Video Game Costumes That Clearly Didn’t Get the Rights


15 Video Game Costumes That Clearly Didn’t Get the Rights

Which one will you be wearing?

Halloween is a time for all of us to dress up as our favorite characters and have fun trick or treating, or going to a party. Well, not every costume is made equal and there’s a number of hilarious unlicensed gaming costumes out there. Video game characters are all the rage, so of course there would be a ton of costumes out there.

First up is the Mario series, and the characters from Mario seem to be some of  the most hotly wanted costumes. Of course there’s Mario himself, who can come in the variations of video game guy, video game hero, red plumber, italian plumber, and of course much much more. Then you have Bowser and Yoshi, who can both be represented by yellow dragon and green dragon respectively. Of course, Mario’s biggest competition is right behind him.

Sonic the Hedgehog has quite a few various costumes as well. There’s one thing about Sonic that costumes just can’t ever seem to get right however, his eyes. That’s just Sonic though, and you can find costumes for all of his pals like Tails and Knuckles as well.

Then we can switch to a few more modern games like the terrifying Freddy Fazbear, and of course all the Master Chiefs and Spartans of the world. That’s not even mentioning the myriad of different Assassin’s that you can find at any costume or party store. There’s so many that you really could have a different Assassin outfit for every occasion.

As long as games exist and have instantly recognizable characters, there’ll be no end to the amount of outfits you can find for Halloween or any other occasion.

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