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15 Video Game Characters That Would Totally Win a Battle Royale

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15 Video Game Characters That Would Totally Win a Battle Royale

15 Video Game Characters That Would Totally Win a Battle Royale

Battle Royale matches drop a ton of people into a battlefield, with only one objective: be the last person standing. It got us thinking about what video game characters would have a chance of surviving a fight with up to 100 other powerful contenders.

These 15 video game characters would totally win a battle royale or at least make it to the top 10 survivors.


Enter Kratos, God of War. He jumps off of the battle bus, an ax in hand. As Kratos plummets down towards the face of the earth, he smashes the ground and does an impact attack with his bare fists, scaring off a ton of the other competitors. With Kratos’ ax, magical powers, and a plethora of special abilities, he would be a fierce contender in a battle royale match, leaving his opponents in the dust.

Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake has literally killed hundreds of people throughout his multiple treasure-hunting adventures around the world. In a battle royale match, he only has to knock out 99 opponents – talk about a walk in the park. With Drake’s arsenal of weaponry and grenades, he’ll use stealth and tons of gun power to take out anyone that stands in the way of him and his winnings.


Zenos, the main antagonist of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is pure evil. He literally could not care less about human life even if he tried too. Being the general of an imperial army, he will stop at nothing to hunt down his foes and kill them without remorse.


The main character in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is named Wolf, if you didn’t know, and while it may seem that he dies a lot due to other swordsmen and creatures, he can still really kick some butt on the battlefield, but only if he parries constantly, against everything. Also, he can just perform stealth death blows on everyone when they’re not paying attention.

Solid Snake

Listen to our game plan for Solid Snake in his debut battle royale match: so, he jumps off of the battle bus, right. And once he lands on an empty part of the map, he can just hide in his signature cardboard until he is the last one standing – it’s the perfect strategy if you ask me.

Doom Guy

The main character in Doom games have never really had a name of their own, but they are supposed to represent the person playing the game. Doom is you and you is Doomguy. Does that make sense? Anyways, Doom Guy has great acrobatic skills, allowing him to run really fast, fall from high points without taking damage, and has a huge supply of rocket launchers – easy win.

Duke Nukem

US Army veteran, Duke Nukem, has saved the world countless times from invaders and threats alike. He does it all while keeping a cigarette in his mouth and spouting comedic one-liners. He’s the definition of cool, at least in his world, but maybe in a battle royale, he can use his immense strength and explosives to knock out his foes.

Master Chief

Master Chief is the face of the Halo series, or shall I say the mask. We don’t really ever get to see Master Chief’s face since he like always has his mask, but that’s what makes him so mysterious and scary. If you see this guy coming towards you with a shotgun or with (my favorite weapon) a Needler, then you best stay away.


Where do I begin with this one… Dante from the Devil May Series is one of the most rad protagonists(?) in gaming. Not only does he ride around in a motorcycle, but he’s an actual bounty hunter that can wield different types of swords and guns. He can perform deadly combos like nobody’s business making it easy for him to get to the top spot.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft is an attractive, intelligent, and courageous young woman who always has a backup plan in the back of her mind before jumping into any situation. Using her wits, a powerful bow and arrow, and a melee weapon at her side, Lara will show no mercy in order to save her own life.

BJ Blazkowicz

B.J., the main protagonist of the rebooted Doom series of games will do anything to rid the world of Nazi’s. He loves fighting for America and is more patriotic than the next guy. Like other protagonists throughout Doom, B.J. has incredible strength, so much, that he can survive a grenade explosion… at close range.


Aloy from the PlayStation exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, has an array of abilities at her disposal. Being trained to fight from a young age, she has excellent combat, crafting, and tracking skills. She can quietly search for opponents who are unaware and strike when the time is right.


With Cloud’s beautiful deep blue eyes, super spiky anime hairstyle, and his large buster sword, he is sure to impress the competition. But since this isn’t a beauty contest, Cloud will have to deal with this fight without his charm and good looks. He has magic powers and a pretty powerful weapon so it shouldn’t be an issue.


Take a look at the length of Sephiroth’s sword and tell me that he would not become the victor of a battle royale match? It’s literally like 8 or 9 feet long, allowing to sweep up the competition in no time flat.

Lu Bu

Lu Bu from the Dynasty Warriors franchise is one general that you do not want to mess with. Similar to any warlord who seeks true power, Lu Bu is known for his many betrayals throughout his career. In a battle royale match, he might trick contenders into forming alliances only to backstab them without any hesitation. He cannot be trusted which makes him a worthy fighter.

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