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15 Terrifying Video Game Cosplays

FEAR Cosplay

15 Terrifying Video Game Cosplays

Living Nightmares.

There are a lot of cosplayers out there that cover a variety of different games, movies, television shows, and animes. However, when it comes to showcasing horror cosplays it takes a certain craft and nuance to pull off terror and fear. This is especially true when you are trying to represent the variety of monsters and madmen that plague some of gaming’s scariest titles. For this list, we will be including both human, humanoid, and monsters respectively and the genre does not need to be just limited to straight survival horror. Games like The Witcher 3 have horror elements and terrifying monsters so if someone can portray them effectively we will add them in.

After perusing through hundreds of photos we have found 15 horror cosplays that are truly terrifying and could become the stuff of nightmares. Now we are not just considering the photography aspect of these images, but much of the design and the model’s ability portray these villains successfully. Just smiling and waving is not what we are looking for in these horror cosplays. We are considering everything from the technical design of the cosplay to the likeness of both the actor/actress and their video game counter part.

We are limiting this list to one rendition per monster, meaning we will not have duplicates of the same character on this list. However, we are allowing more than one character per franchise, since many like Silent Hill are full of iconic monsters and villains.  We also may use the same cosplayer more than once, but only if they are portraying a character completely different then the one that they are listed for. If we were looking to bring some of our favorite horror video games to life they better be at least as good as these amazing cosplays.

Ashley O’Neill

Lazy Dreamer / Cannibalxashi

Kevin Manuel Leab Thong


Benny Lee


Krizdel Ingreso

Model: HaJI и Kasuzame / Photographer: JustMoolti







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