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15 Star Wars Gift Ideas For the Jedi in Your Life

Star Wars

15 Star Wars Gift Ideas For the Jedi in Your Life

Gifts purchased in a galaxy far, far away…

1 Light Saber Replicas

Whether they’re a fan of the Dark Side or they follow the Jedi path, no fan would turn down a replica of one of the Lightsabers pulled straight from the films. The Force FX line has some high quality options as a starting point. They may seem a bit expensive, but you’re getting your money’s worth. Check out this Kylo Ren one or take it back with Darth Vader’s.

2 Star Wars Pop! Vinyls

Pop! Vinyls are adorable, collectible little figures that cover a wide range of fandoms, so there’s no surprise that there are a ton of Star Wars related figures for you to gift. There are many places you can shop for them including Amazon or the actual Funko website.

3 Star Wars Vault Edition Books

There is a lot of lore hidden within that galaxy far, far away and a lot of it can be found in various pieces of related literature. Some of the coolest looking books, though, have to be the Vault Edition versions of the Book of the Sith: Secrets From the Dark Side, The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett, and Star Wars: The Jedi Path.

4 Play Arts Kai Figures

Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai variant series has some seriously awesome looking figures. They can be a bit on the pricey side, but these alternate takes on iconic heroes and villains are a must have for fans and collectors.

5 Star Wars: The Complete Saga

It’s never too late to go back and watch the first two trilogies in the franchise. The Force Awakens introduced an entire new generation to the Star Wars phenomenon, so give the gift of history as you share what came before.

6 The Force Awakens Collector’s Edition

The Complete Saga only covers the first to trilogies (Episodes I-VI), so to complete the collection why not throw in Episode VII: The Force Awakens as well?

7 Star Wars LEGO

LEGO sets have been allowing children (and adults) to build pieces of their favorite worlds for decades and they still make incredible gifts for all ages. Pick a favorite scene from the films or a stunning vehicle and watch as you special Star Wars fan’s eyes light up.

8 LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The LEGO Star Wars video games are also great gifts, especially for children. The latest one is full of call backs to the previous games, new mechanics, and fun features.

9 Lightsaber Classes

Yes, you can pay for classes so the person you’re purchasing a gift for is able to learn how to properly wield and fight with a lightsaber. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

10 Steins

So you’re buying a gift for someone who not only loves Star Wars, but also doesn’t mind a beer every now and then? These awesome ceramic steins are the perfect gift and you even have the choice between R2-D2, Boba Fett, or Darth Vader.

11 Jewelry

Nothing wrong with a little bit of silver and gold to show your love for such an amazing franchise. There is some amazing looking, officially licensed Star War jewelry out there for some reasonable prices, as well as some great stuff being made by artists all around the world on Etsy.

12 Comics

The latest run of Star Wars comics has been pretty incredible and are definitely recommended for fans looking for a new way to experience what they already love.

13 Apparel

Clothes are always a good gift idea, especially when you’re unsure what else to get. There’s a large selection of clothing emblazoned with the Star Wars logo or one of the franchise’s many iconic characters and scenes. You can check out the Disney Store or even ThinkGeek for some options. Don’t be afraid to shop around, though, as you can find items just about anywhere where they sell clothing including Hot Top, Macy’s, Target, and Walmart.

14 Custom Lightsaber

Having a replica is cool and all, but if you want to take it a step further and provide a unique item that makes your special someone feel as if they’re part of the universe. They can be pricey, especially compared to other items we’ve recommended, but it’s a way to own something truly one-of-a-kind. Ultra Sabers offers some amazing options to make the ultimate weapon.

15 Artwork and Posters

A nice piece of custom artwork or even a limited print is sure to make a great gift idea for a close friend or loved one. This Movie Poster Reproduction Metal Print is a great piece, or perhaps these ship diagrams will look great on someone’s wall.

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