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15 Spider-Man Villains That Better Be in the DLC

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15 Spider-Man Villains That Better Be in the DLC

Mysterio was a big omission from Spider-Man and many fans are wondering if he will get his time in the spotlight. He was teased during the party at ESU mission where Spider-Man goes through a fun house mirror maze led by someone dressed as Mysterio. Peter also finds a shard of Mysterio’s helmet in one of the backpacks scattered across town mentioning he used it to help redesign his own suit.

Villains DLC

Lizard is a staple of Spider-Man villains. He was the star of The Amazing Spider-Man movie. Dr Curt Connors would make for a challenging foe for Peter. With all of the secret science experiments going on in the depths of New York it is totally plausible for Lizard to make an appearance in future DLC.

Living Brain was created by a computer company called Computing Machines Corporation. It is the most powerful and knowledgeable computer out there. After malfunctioning it begins wreaking havoc on Midtown Manhattan. Living Brain would make an excellent DLC villain because of its ability to produce robots that could infest New York and give plenty of activities for players to handle.

The maniacal big game Hunter Kraven is a Russian immigrant who wants to defeat Spider-Man to prove he is the greatest hunter in the world. Kraven is also the half-brother of the Spider-Man villain Chameleon, which would make things even more interesting for a DLC Pack. In the comics Kraven helped found the Sinister Six with Dr. Octavious.

Villains DLC

Sandman is very likely to appear as a DLC villain for Spider-Man. In one of the backpacks you find scattered across Manhattan contains a vial of sand from Spider-Man’s fight with Sandman. Peter comments on it by saying hes unsure if opening that vial will release Sandman entirely, but he doesn’t want to find out. This is the perfect set up for a potential new plot line.

Villains DLC

The Spider-Slayers are robots created by Spencer Smythe. Spencer received his funding from none other than Jonah Jameson who wanted to see them destroy Spider-Man. Since it is already known that Jonah funded the experiments that produced Scorpion it is entirely possible for Insomniac to work the Spider-Slayers into DLC.

Tinkerer who makes his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #2 is one of the first Spider-Man villains ever. He is also seen in Spider-Man Homecoming briefly. Tinkerer has made gadgets for all sorts of Spider-Man villains such as Hammerhead, Beetle, Jack O’ Lantern, and even Black Cat. With The Black Cat DLC arriving next month Tinkerer could be behind whatever scheme she is planning.

Morris Bench was working as crew for the U.S.S Bulldog cargo ship when Spider-Man knocked it over during a fight with the villain Namor. The combination of the ocean and an experimental generator being tested nearby Morris Bench was transformed into Hydro-Man. Frustrated at Spider-Man, Morris used his new-found powers for revenge. Since its already established that Oscorp has been contaminating water Hydro-Man could very well see an appearance sooner rather than later.

The half-brother of Kraven the Hunter Chameleon made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #1. Driven mad by Kraven’s death Chameleon blamed Spider-Man and was hellbent on getting his revenge. Making his face permanently featureless he plotted to take down Spider-Man with the power of disguise. He is referenced in a side-mission where Peter has a Spider-Man doppelganger on the loose, and he mentions he hopes it isn’t Chameleon. Chameleon would make for a great DLC full of strange and twisted missions.

Villains DLC

Nicholas Lewis Sr. was the first Crime Master before the mantle was later taken over by his son Nicholas Lewis Jr. Crime Master is known for his brief partnership with the iconic Green Goblin to take over the criminal mobs of Manhattan. Crime Master could easily take over the criminal activities of New York now that all of the crime bosses are put away and there is no one to currently lead that thugs still out on the streets.

Villains DLC

Punisher is not currently mentioned in the Spider-Man PS4 game, but known associates are referenced such as Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil. Punisher’s first ever debut was in an issue of Spider-Man. With his large arsenal of weaponry and intense training, it would be one hell of a fight for Spider-Man


Robot Master is an interesting one because his true identity is Dr. Mendel Stromm who is mentioned in the Spider-Man PS4 game. When Mary Jane breaks into Norman Osborn’s Penthouse and finds his secret lab she notices something on the center table. A listing of all Oscorp buildings and doctors, one of them being Dr. Stromm. This could very easily be a hint that Robot Master will in fact be DLC later on.

Venom is probably the most requested Spider-Man villain for any medium the web slinger is on. No direct mentions of Venom where in the game, but there is an off hand conversation Peter has with Yuri where she tells him to wear his best black and white suit, in which Peter responds with “Uhhh”. Now this could just be Insomniac having some fun, or it could be a foreshadow of things to come for our pal Venom.

Carnage is made of the same symbiote that Venom is, however, when it bonded with Eddie Brock’s cellmate Cletus Kasady it became far more powerful than Venom. Carnage is more violent and ruthless than Venom. In fact he is so powerful Spider-Man had to team up with Venom to put a stop to him. As a DLC villain it would be awesome to have both Venom and Carnage be a pack which ultimately turns into having to team up with Venom.

Green Goblin is the villain we know is coming, we’re just not quite sure how yet. In the Mary Jane section where you go into Norman’s Penthouse players can find a new prototype type mask and its blueprints as well as what look to be a new type of grenade Oscorp had been working on. Green Goblin has been both Norman and Harry Osborn before, but which one will take up the role in this game? It is revealed that Harry is undergoing experimental treatment for a neuro degenerate disease he has. Norman has stated he will do anything for his son to be cured, so does he take up the helm to save his son? Or does the treatment go south and Harry becomes twisted and wreaks havoc on the city?

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