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15 Awesome Skyrim Mods We Won’t Get on PS4

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15 Awesome Skyrim Mods We Won’t Get on PS4

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition will mark the beginning of mods for PS4 users, something that Xbox fans have been enjoying with Fallout 4 for some time now. To make this happen, though, no outside assets can be used on PS4, and that limits the mods you can choose from. Here are some truly amazing mods that PS4 users unfortunately won’t be able to use.

Really Useful Dragons (

Really Useful Dragons transforms all of the dragons in the land of Skyrim to Thomas the Tank Engine characters. What should be cute and welcoming becomes a nightmarish onslaught of color and smiling faces. Unfortunately, players on PS4 won’t be able to utilize this mod as it includes assets from outside of The Elder Scrolls V. Depending on how afraid you are of talking trains, that may be a good thing.


Customizable Iron Man Armors (

– You know what Skyrim needed more of? Men in robotic suits. Thankfully Tony Stark has messed with science so much that he found his way into the Elder Scrolls universe and is ready to rain down Arc Beams on all of the nasties roaming around… as long as it’s not on PS4.


Asgardian Race (

– Since we’re on the topic of Marvel, how about the Asgardian race, which has granted us the likes of Thor. While the race may be doable on PS4, Thors signature armor is not, unless you can find a mod that makes it solely out of Skyrim assets.


Macho Dragons (

-Facing down a dragon becomes old news when you’ve been playing Skyrim for so long. They lose their majesty and sense of wonder, until they become something altogether different that is. Macho Dragons turns those flying legends into true flying legends, Intercontinental World Heavyweight Champion “Macho Man” Randy Savage.


Darth Vader in Skyrim (

This mod is exactly what you think it is, and due to the fact that it is the true Vader, you will not be able to experience the might of the Dark Side on the PS4.


Magicka Sabers Expanded (

-Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use any light saber replicas on the PS4 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition either.


Game of Thrones Adaptation Mod for Skyrim V4 (

-No current property fits better into the world of Skyrim than Game of Thrones. Unfortunately this massive mod that provides a stunning transformation to the experience uses certain legit assets from Game of Thrones so you won’t be seeing it on PS4.


MINE Seagulls Item Pickup Sound (

-Those seagulls from Finding Nemo perfectly convey our greed while collecting things in the land of Skyrim. Unfortunately their sound isn’t already in the game, so you’ll have to just imagine their hilarious voices while playing on PS4.

Overwatch Weapons (

-Overwatch has reached immense popularity over the past few months since its release, so it’s no surprise that elements are seeping into other major games including Skyrim. Unfortunately if you want Overwatch weapons on your PS4, you’re just going to have to play Overwatch.


Majora’s Mask The Legend of Zelda Skyrim (

Who doesn’t like Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask? This mod allows players to dress the part of this fan-loved character, as long as you’re not on the PS4.


Kryptonian Race With Laser Vision & Much More (

-Being Dragonborn is cool and all, but it’s kind of hard to not be excited about flying around and using laser vision as a bona fide Kryptonian.

Power Ranger – Legacy Dragon Dagger

Power Rangers is coming back in a strong way so you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting to bring some morphing power into your game of Skyrim. Whether it’s this badass Green Ranger Dragon Dagger or the actual ranger suits, you won’t be able to live your mighty morphin’ dream on PS4.

Pikachu Companion

Pokemon GO fever has reached the land of Skyrim! This awesome mod allows you to bring a powerful Pikachu into battle against the forces of evil.

Super Skyrim Bros

Now this is a mod that really needs to be played by absolutely every single owner of Skyrim. Hopefully someone makes a version that uses no external assets.

Sly Cooper Player (

This mod lets you play as world-class theif Sly Cooper, a PlayStation mascot that is known and loved by millions. It’s too bad that he, and other PlayStation characters, can be played everywhere except for on the PS4.

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