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15 PS4 Games That Don’t Have Platinum Trophies But Definitely Should


15 PS4 Games That Don’t Have Platinum Trophies But Definitely Should

A notable absence in the trophy list.

Journey – Arguably one of the staple games on both the PS3 and PS4, Journey is an incredibly emotional experience that deserves to offers its most die-hard fans a platinum trophy for their trophy-collecting efforts. If smaller indie titles have a platinum, one of the best Sony games in recent years certainly should.
Firewatch – As one of the biggest and most anticipated indie titles of 2016, it seems odd that Firewatch wasn’t given the platinum trophy treatment. While it’s by no means a difficult game to grab all the trophies for, you’ll have to go out of your way to explore and unlock them all. It sure would have us tempted us to give it another playthrough.
Valiant Hearts – Valiant Hearts was a slightly different offering from what we’d come to expect from Ubisoft in 2014. With some tricky missable trophies and 119 collectibles to find throughout its entirety, it’s a bit of a slog to grab them all. The least we deserve is that sweet platinum.
Inside – If you play through Inside without a guide as the developers intended, then grabbing all of the collectibles is a challenge in itself. You’ll need to really check out the levels and put your platforming skills to the test to 100% this list. It feels almost cruel to not award a platinum after it all.
Outlast – Outlast is one of the scariest games to come out in recent years as players explore an abandoned asylum for the mentally ill. It can be difficult enough to get through the game normally, but when combining you need to collect all documents and recordings for one trophy it gets a little tougher. Oh, and you’ll need to complete the game on Insane mode too which is incredibly tough. Yeah, we don’t know why there isn’t a platinum either.
Gone Home – Grabbing a lot of Gone Home’s trophies are fairly straightforward, but it’s what’s left over that are pretty solid. Completing the game in less than a minute with no modifiers, and then completing it again in less than 10 minutes with all 24 journal entries is another feat in itself. Better get learning the house layout.
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – Brothers’ trophy list isn’t one of these ones that you could look at and know what you have to do. You’ll more than likely have to search a guide to know exactly what and when each trophy is relating to in the game. Even then, you’re going to have to make a conscious effort to complete the task as it’s all very easily missable. A mysterious trophy list is a tick in the platinum box if you ask us.
Batman Arkham VR- Batman: Arkham VR may not be out yet, but its trophy list is quite evidently missing a platinum trophy and has used a gold in its place. Requiring players to 100% the game by completing the story, finding all Riddler secrets, and acquiring all other trophies, Knight Out seems far too demanding not to be have a platinum finish.
Overcooked – One of Overcooked’s silver trophies requires you to complete the game and save the Onion Kingdom. While this may sound straightforward, completing the later levels on your own is near-impossible and with a friend deceptively difficult. You thought being a cartoon chef was gonna be easy? Think again. Now where’s our platinum spatula trophy!
Towerfall: Ascension – In order to 100% Towerfall’s trophy list, you’ll need to be one seriously dedicated player. With two trophies requiring you to play 1,000 and 5,000 rounds respectively, as well as some tricky time trial trophies, you’ll need to be a serious Towerfall player. Yet, for all those hours spent, players won’t even get a platinum trophy.
Walking Dead Michonne – The Walking Dead: Michonne didn’t get a platinum trophy most likely because it wasn’t long enough to be warranted one. But with almost all other Telltale games released in the past few years getting the platinum treatment, it seems odd and unfair that a shorter story doesn’t warrant it.
Vanishing of Ethan Carter- If you’ve played The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, you’ll know that it’s incredibly easy to miss a number of the puzzles required to complete the game. With some tricky missable puzzles that you’re required to complete to unlock the true ending, there’s a good chance you could spend hours and still have missed a number of trophies and gameplay. If you don’t have the help of a guide that is.
Trials Fusion- Trials Fusion has a grueling difficulty curve that almost becomes a solid wall by the time you attempt the Unyielding and Full Throttle challenges. After man hours of frustration, shouting, and hand cramp, your completion of the trophy list doesn’t even get that platinum cherry on the top. Devastating.
Mega Man Legacy Collection – If you’re wanting to grab every trophy in the Mega Man Legacy Collection, you’ll need to complete every game, and then earn 50 gold medals in almost every challenge in the game. What’s more, some of these require you to utilize glitches in order to succeed. Do all that and you don’t even get a platinum? C’mon!
Pix the Cat – Not only will you need to break the top 10 of an arcade daily leaderboard to grab two of the trophies, but you’ll also need to score 2 million points in the main arcade grid. For those of you not familiar with Pix the Cat… that’s a damn high score.

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