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15 Perfect Gifts for the JRPG Fan In Your Life


15 Perfect Gifts for the JRPG Fan In Your Life

Gear up for the holidays.

Both Kotobukiya and Square Enix make some really high quality statues of JRPG characters that you can purchase. You can do a search on their respective sites for the full list, but highlights include Sorey and Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria for $100 each, and Sora from Kingdom Hearts for $50.

There’s always a huge stream of JRPGs, and 2016 has been especially good for the genre. There are so many games this year that surely there’s a couple to pick up as a gift. Recently released was World of Final Fantasy, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Dragon Quest VII, Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, and more. SMT IV: Apocalypse and Pokemon Sun and Moon would be particularly good choices on 3DS. Find the right system, and you can find any of these games at major retailers.

Anime and video games have always had a lot of crossover, but never is that more true than with JRPGs. There are tons of anime adaptions of games. Most can be found on sites like Amazon or RightStuf. On Amazon you have Persona 4: The Animation for $60,
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky for $23, the Tales Series anime, and even
Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive and Brotherhood for $21. You really can take your pick.

The RPG maker series are incredibly interesting pieces of software, as they give you the tools to make your own 8 and 16-bit style RPGs. They’re a little pricey and require some learning, but any JRPG fan is sure to find them fascinating. You could purchase a Steam gift card, as RPG Maker MV is $79.99 there. You can also purchase the titles as a download online on Amazon, like
RPG Maker VX Ace for $69.99.

These brilliant pieces of shadow box art take scenes right out of your favorite games, and let you hang them on your wall. Etsy user Decor8bitart has a wide variety from titles like Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and more. They range in price from about $30, up to $70.

A huge part of every JRPG is its music, and the soundtrack to a game will always make a great gift. You could go with the Persona 4 soundtrack for $33 on Amazon or find tons of JRPG soundtracks to import on sites like Play-Asia. The Square Enix Store also has tons of soundtracks from the Final Fantasy series and others.

Job systems are nothing new to JRPGs, and like Final Fantasy, Bravely Default has a whole selection of jobs called asterisks. Each asterisk has a little icon in the menu, and Etsy user Clinkorz has recreated all of them as pins. Each one costs $8, so pick up a handful or the entire lot if you want.

The Tales series is one of the best known JRPG franchises around, celebrating its 20th anniversary in Japan this year. There’s plenty of memorable heroes from the games, and this collection transforms some of them into cute chibi form. It’s perfect for any fan of the series. You can pick them up from for $41.99.

This is an incredibly unique art piece that any JRPG fan could hang on their wall and display proudly. Etsy user GeekBurn has quite a few options from JRPGs including Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, and this beautiful piece from Dragon Quest VIII. Cloud runs at $35, while the
Dragon Quest VIII. Dragon Quest VIII one is $43.50.

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