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15 Perfect Gifts for the Horror Fanatic in Your Life


15 Perfect Gifts for the Horror Fanatic in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for the horror fan in your life? here are 15 cool gifts perfect for horror fans this holiday season. nothing says christmas like aliens and zombies

Cerealzzz… Hey, get your own zombie bowl, freak! for a Christmas gift, Bring the style of the Overlook Hotel to your home without its paranormal horror.

Let the Xenomorph help you keep track of your horror adventures with this cool book mark. You can buy one, of course, but we figure you can easily make one yourself, too! Is that blood on your mug, or are you just happy to see me?

Treat yourself as a christmas gift to some undead slippers and give The Walking Dead a whole new meaning. When you’re using this bloody bathroom rug, people might not  actually notice you shower in real blood. Make sure you don’t apply this Stranger things laptop sticker upside-down! these make the perfect gifts

Ain’t nothing like Daryl but Daryl, but when you’re wearing his iconic vest, you’ll come pretty damn close. Liven up your living room with this unique print, featuring doctor Frankenstein’s most beloved creation. This odd USB drive is ideal for surfing the deep web.

That is one ugly mother-banker! You’re gonna need a bigger beer if you want to use this Jaws-inspired steel bottle opener gifts. Unlike the actual mask, wearing this necklace is socially acceptable.

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