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15 Gaming Locations Perfect For a Valentine’s Day Date

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15 Gaming Locations Perfect For a Valentine’s Day Date

Love is in the air.

Hyrule Castle Town – Ocarina of Time

Besides being situated next to the gorgeous Hyrule Castle and its gardens, Castle Town has a lot to offer. It’s a bustling little place with different shops and locations. Play at the shooting gallery for a bit, or partake in some Bomchu Bowling. Follow it up with a walk through the gardens, or a nice picnic lunch in Hyrule Field, provided there are no monsters of course.

The Golden Saucer -Final Fantasy VII

The Golden Saucer truly is one of the perfect date destinations from gaming, it just has nearly an endless amount of fun. Spend a while in the arcade, take a look at the Haunted Hotel, check out the Chocobo Races, see a stage play, and ride the roller coaster. There’s so much choice you have at the Golden Saucer, and you can end it all with a romantic ride on the ferris wheel. Just make sure to bring enough money.

The Citadel – Mass Effect

The Citadel is the heart of the universe, and it’s a thriving metropolis with tons of sights to see. You can spend the afternoon having lunch at the Presidium and taking in the sights. Then when evening rolls around hit up some of the various shopping districts, or head to one of the bars or nightclubs like Flux. It’ll certainly be a gaming night to remember.

Altissia – Final Fantasy XV

There may be no place better for a date than the stunning waterfront city of Altissia. Besides just looking at the amazing scenery you and your significant other can ride through the canals, eat at one of the many cafes, go to the Totomostro arena, or shop. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be going right when the Moogle Chocobo Carnival takes place.

Destiny Islands – Kingdom Hearts

Sora’s home is a serene and peaceful gaming location , perfect for a quiet date. The main appeal here, of course, is the beach with its gorgeous view and teal waves. You could go exploring a bit on the island too, and even share one of the legendary Paopu Fruit, confirming your eternal bond.

Beauclair – The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Touissant is literally the land of luxury, and the capitol Beauclair is its crowning jewel. The city is stunning with spires reaching toward the sky, plentiful gardens, and a vibrant aesthetic. While strolling Beauclair’s streets you could partake in the local music, fine art and shopping, exquisite cuisine, and maybe a hand or two of Gwent. After all, who can resist?

Florem – Bravely Default

Chaos Theater – Earthbound

For a different kind of date, head on over the Chaos Theater from Earthbound. Every night a band called the Runaway Five perform, letting you and your date take in the music, and maybe get a chance to chat too. Although we don’t see any bar in the game, we’re pretty sure one’s around there somewhere.

The Fairyground – Ni No Kuni

The Fairyground is a little village tucked away in the forests of Ni No Kuni, and it’s quite the enchanted place, literally. The magic of the Fairies gives the place a unique look, lighting up signs with neon colors and spreading fireflies all around. The village is quite fond of the arts too with a theater, and tons of unique restaurants. If you want a laugh with your date, head to this magical village.

Isle Delfino – Super Mario Sunshine

Airship Cruise – Rogue Galaxy

Latte (Milk Bar) – Majora’s Mask

Okina City – Persona 4

Stray Sheep – Catherine

Yumanju Hot Spring Spa – Tales of Vesperia

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