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15 More Overwatch Locations We’d Love to See


15 More Overwatch Locations We’d Love to See

Time to globe trot!

Multiplayer games can live and die by their maps, as a bad layout can ruin an entire player’s experience. They have to be able to accommodate for all types of classes and playstyles, without forcing players into a certain class or weapon. Overwatch is a prime example of this design philosophy, as the twelve different multiplayer maps are not only visually stunning, but cleverly constructed. They exude personality, allowing for them to be easily identifiable to both viewers and the players. What makes Overwatch’s map choices interesting is they are based on real world locations, yet are exaggerated in a colorful, fun way.

So looking to the future, what could a new set of maps entail for Blizzard’s class based shooter? When deciding what places Overwatch should have us do battle in next, we decided to take in a variety of factors. The levels must be accommodating to all four class types and should have at least three stages to them. We will also only be choosing one game mode per level, as Overwatch’s stages do not overlap at all in terms of having a choice of modes for them. If it’s a payload map, then it will only ever be just a payload map. Finally, there has to be a certain charm to each location, as the playfulness of Overwatch needs to always be present. Hopefully, these 15 maps will be in our future very soon!

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