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15 Horror Games That Deserve a Comeback


15 Horror Games That Deserve a Comeback

Bring back the scares.

Remedy’s sole pair of Xbox 360 titles sadly didn’t get the full due that they deserved in a time when horror games were starting to reemerge. As a writer stuck in a town where his own creations come to life, it felt like the perfect setting for a psychological action game. That’s indeed what we got, and while Remedy has been hard at work on Quantum Break, it would be nice if we got a sequel. Possibly from his wife Anna’s perspective…?

Monolith’s scary shooter franchise ended things on a bit of a weird note, what with the Point Man taking his mother Alma’s new child to raise safely. (In what’s regarded as the canon ending, anyway.) That’s a weird family with psychic powers, though, and a new franchise could start with that child now as an adult. Give players a new set of psychic powers, and there’s a nice series of horror games in the concept.

Isaac Clarke’s trilogy of games changed sci-fi horror, and after a bout of co-op and action in Dead Space 3, it’s time to get back to some roots. With games like Alien: Isolation and the upcoming Prey to draw influence from, Visceral has the chance to tell a great story of one guy’s really bad day in space.

Dino Crisis aren’t your typical breed of horror games, which is part of why they deserve to come back. As the recent Tomb Raider titles have shown us, putting a somewhat competent chump on an island with everything trying to kill them would yield success. And if “everything” in this case just happened to be a horde of dinosaurs, then that’s pretty cool in and of itself!

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